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grade cannabis

How to Grade Cannabis From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Many of us tend to grade and categorize everything we use and consume, sometimes without even thinking about it.  We have our favorite piece of clothing, our favorite kind of beverage, and we all have that one snack that is better than all others.  And for most users, having a cannabis and weed grading system […]

cannabis sativa

Is Cannabis Addictive? Depends on Who You Ask

 We’ve probably all heard the claims that cannabis is a heavily addictive substance—or that it’s impossible to become addicted to weed. It turns out that the truth is somewhere in between. Research is ongoing, but do cannabis sativa benefits outweigh any addictive properties? The Facts of Cannabis Addiction Unfortunately, the claim that weed is an […]


Cannabis-infused Tea: What Are the Benefits for Chronic Illness?

Reduced pain and inflammation, improved mood, and sleep are some of the many known benefits of cannabis-infused tea. A cup of your favorite flower may improve and reduce insomnia, headaches, and even improve your gut health. Medical marijuana is today widely known and used for the treatment of stress, anxiety, and other mood-related issues. It […]

cannabis wax

What is Marijuana Wax? Is it Dangerous?

Marijuana wax is just what it sounds like: cannabis in wax form. It is not dangerous in any way; however, it is a very concentrated product and therefore high in THC. This high THC level tends to provide intense sensations, making it best suited for the more seasoned recreational user with a higher-than-average tolerance level. […]

marijuana seeds

How to germinate Marijuana Seeds

Whether you have a green thumb or cannot even keep a cactus alive, growing your own weed is fun and relatively easy. All you need is a little bit of preparation and patience. Step one is to order your marijuana seeds from Canada. The next step is to germinate your marijuana seeds, which can be […]

The Science Behind this Potent Product

If you’ve given edibles a try and are sick of smoking solely flower, bring your cannabis usage up to the next level by buying shatter online.  Although it may sound like something scary, shatter is simply given the name for its tendency to snap when handled. The shatter product itself is a brittle, almost glass-like […]

bud rot

How to Identify Bud Rot and Mold in Your Nugs

Have you ever wondered if cannabis goes bad? It is, after all, a plant. All organic matter eventually decomposes. Not only that, if you live in a damp climate or if weed is grown in a damp environment, there is a greater risk of it rotting. Let’s take a peek at: How mold grows on […]

What's the Best High-THC Strain?

Top BC Cannabis: What’s the Best High-THC Strain?

Are you one of the people who don’t particularly care what you’re smoking as long as it gets you as high as it can, as quickly as possible?  you’re probably searching for high-THC strains when you buy marijuana online.  High-THC strains relax the body and are known for being great at reducing nausea, increasing appetite, […]