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Travelling with Weed

Things to Keep in Mind While Travelling with Weed

The legalization of weed has made lots of progress over the last few years, but there are still some areas where it is considered illegal. Depending on where you are going and how you plan to get there, this can make travelling with weed a bit confusing. If you plan to travel from legal state […]

How is CBD Derived from Hemp Different from CBD Derived from Cannabis?

How is CBD Derived from Hemp Different from CBD Derived from Cannabis?

As more and more people continue to take interest with CBD, so does the availability of various products. One factor that usually confuses people is whether the CBD comes from hemp or cannabis. The short answer is that these are derived from different kinds of the sativa plant. The confusion between hemp CBD and cannabis […]

Buy Good Quality Hash in Canada

Beginner’s Guide to Buy Good Quality Hash in Canada

How do you know that you are buying good quality hash in Canada? What separates great hash from terrible hash in the first place? Whatever kind of hash you are looking for, it can be a confusing and tricky process for the inexperienced. To help you out, read through this guide as we break down […]

CBD oil for cats

How to Use CBD Oil for Cats with Anxiety?

As cats grow older, they are more likely to suffer from appetite changes, weaker immune systems, mobility issues and separation anxiety. If you are a cat owner, you might be wondering if CBD oil can help with these issues, especially if you have had a positive experience with using it yourself. Using CBD for cats […]