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4 Reasons to Shop for Weed Online With Top BC Cannabis

  When shopping for weed online, it can be troublesome to find the right dispensary with everything you’re looking for. The best cannabis dispensary to shop with is Top BC Cannabis. Top BC Cannabis is here to help. Being a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary, we have a wide range of cannabis flower, products, and […]


Should You Use CBD for Sports Recovery?

It’s a pretty well-known fact that most athletes have to deal with sore muscles, fatigue, and injuries much more than the average person. Instead of illegal doping, many athletes incorporate CBD into their sports recovery processes due to its many benefits and ease of access. What is CBD?   CBD is also known as cannabidiol. […]


Potency 101: How Much Stronger is Wax Than Flower?

If you’re looking to take your marijuana experience to the next level, you may be curious about concentrates like cannabis wax. As more people delve into the wonderful world of concentrates, the accessibility and availability of these products are skyrocketing. This has left many cannabis consumers wondering, what is wax, and is it much stronger […]