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What is Marijuana Wax? Is it Dangerous?

Marijuana wax is just what it sounds like: cannabis in wax form. It is not dangerous in any way; however, it is a very concentrated product and therefore high in THC. This high THC level tends to provide intense sensations, making it best suited for the more seasoned recreational user with a higher-than-average tolerance level.

Wax is also popular among those who use marijuana for medicinal purposes. We recommend that you keep this in mind if you decide to order marijuana wax online, as it may be stronger than the products you currently enjoy and use.

What You Should Consider When Your Order Marijuana Wax Online

marijuana wax


You can find marijuana wax for sale both online and at licensed dispensaries. We recommend that you only purchase from reputable brands. This is to ensure that you get your hands on a high-quality product.

Marijuana wax can at times reach a THC level of close to 90 percent, far more than most other cannabis products. The average of strains that are considered strong have a THC level of around 25 percent, making marijuana wax at least three times stronger.

It may also be referred to as BHO, which stands for butane hash oil. This name comes from the way marijuana wax is extracted; the cannabinoid-rich material is washed with a solvent, usually butane, and it has therefore been given the name BHO.

Uses of Marijuana Wax


So, you have ordered your marijuana wax online – then what do you do? Marijuana wax, which is cannabis oil in a concentrated wax form, can be enjoyed in a few different ways. This product is commonly consumed by vaporizing a small amount through a dab rig, which is much like a bong. A high-quality vape pen can also be used with marijuana wax.

It is highly recommended to start small and in the company of someone you trust due to its potency. You tend to feel the effects very quickly, if not immediately, and the sensation will be intense.

You can also use marijuana wax in edibles such as cookies or gummies, and add it to your tea and other beverages. The same rule applies as when dabbing: Start with a small amount to avoid overdoing it, and preferably in the company of others if it is your first time trying marijuana wax.


When to Dab with Wax

Cannabis-infused wax is not dangerous in any way, as long as you are aware of its potency and your personal tolerance level. Enjoy it in the company of like-minded friends, start small, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Another reminder about Wax? It is also essential to only use marijuana wax in a safe environment, as the sensation tends to be more powerful than what you may feel from using other products. Many users describe the high as instant and powerful, which is why marijuana wax is gaining popularity quickly.


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