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What Is the Difference Between CBD Oil and Tincture?

CBD is a marvelous compound that offers many medicinal benefits. And while there are a host of ways to consume it, many consumers struggle to understand two of the most popular forms: tinctures and oils. If you’d like to buy CBD online in Canada, then you need to understand the distinctions. Here we explain what […]

Does Cbd Oil Help in Reducing Blood Pressure?

CBD is one of nature’s miracle compounds. With a host of medicinal benefits that target several bodily systems, it can help bring about true healing by focusing on the root cause of certain issues. High blood pressure is one such issue that’s prevalent across society.    If you’re currently living with it, and want to […]

Is it Safe to Eat Cannabis Seed?

  Is it safe to eat cannabis seeds? The short answer is, yes. You can eat any seeds you stumble across in your cannabis flower. You will not sprout a tiny cannabis plant in your stomach, and cannabis seeds don’t contain enough THC to get you high. Cannabis seeds are safe to eat.   But […]

What Is the Best Time of Year to Grow Cannabis?

Sure you can order medical marijuana online in New Brunswick, or buy medical marijuana online in Nova Scotia — but you can also grow your own. Although you might assume Canada is simply too chilly for an outdoor cannabis crop, in the summer months, much of Canada is perfect for growing weed. And, if you […]

What gives cannabis flowers its colours?

Like all flowering plants, one way by which cannabis expresses its beauty is by producing colourful hues. From black to red, and from purple to yellow and orange, the colour spectrum of flowering cannabis is as diverse as its effects. If you’d like to order cannabis online in Canada, then here we take a look […]

Does Weed Affect Muscle?

Many of us remember that famous video from the 1970s, where Arnold Schwarzenegger was seen smoking a joint with bodybuilding buddies. But what are the facts around marijuana and bodybuilding? Will getting stoned get you toned, and is pot the new protein?    If you want to buy marijuana online to complement your efforts in […]

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What Are CBD’s Side Effects for the Mind and Body?

Whether you are looking to buy a CBD vape pen in Canada, or pure CBD oil, you are likely seeking it out for its medicinal benefits. Over the last several years, CBD has become the darling of the cannabis world. It’s gotten so popular that even people unfamiliar with weed are curious about it. But […]

Learn How to Lose Weight with Medical Marijuana

Cannabis users who buy medical marijuana online in Canada are familiar with the plant’s appetite-increasing properties. It’s hard to want to eat when you’re in pain or nauseous, and cannabis helps with both those conditions. And there are few recreational users who haven’t experienced the munchies at one point or another. So the concept of […]