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Why Does Smoking Weed Makes My Eyes Turn Red?

One of the most sure-fire signs that someone is high on cannabis is red eyes. This is usually blamed on irritation from smoke, but this is a common misconception. Marijuana makes the eyes red for the same reason it is used to treat glaucoma; this is a physiological mechanism known as vasodilation. How Smoking Weed […]

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What is High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract? How is HTFSE Made?

Cannabis extracts are a very popular alternative to conventional smoking the plant. There are many ways to use extracts, and they come in higher concentrations, which should be great for those who want a higher potency but do not want to smoke. Among the many kinds of marijuana extracts, one well-known variant is the high […]


What is Munchies? Why Smoking Marijuana Makes You Super Hungry?

Munchies is a term that is very familiar among people who consume cannabis—and even to those who do not. This slang means the hunger that you feel after consuming marijuana or its derivatives. Even though we all know that cannabis can increase appetite, many do not really know why this happens. The well-known munchies are […]