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How to Grade Cannabis From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Many of us tend to grade and categorize everything we use and consume, sometimes without even thinking about it. 

We have our favorite piece of clothing, our favorite kind of beverage, and we all have that one snack that is better than all others. 

And for most users, having a cannabis and weed grading system is no different. Just like there are connoisseurs rating wine, there are connoisseurs who test and grade weed. 

A User-Friendly Cannabis and Weed Grading System 

 We can all reap the benefits of a weed grading system. You can quite easily rate cannabis in the comfort of your own home simply by using your senses. 

The flower’s look and feel matter; a high-quality flower has been trimmed well, with noticeable geometrical buds, and is rather sticky. A low-quality variety tends to be more on the dull side, with a brown colour and dry to the touch. 

The taste is also a crucial factor. The same goes for the sensation the user experiences. The way the cannabis burns and the color of the ash can also help determine your product’s quality. 

High-quality varieties have been cured, expelling moisture, which causes them to burn smoothly and well. And the lighter the ash, the better the quality. These are all factors you most likely already consider when trying new varieties.

We Are All Different

 It is worth noting that most cannabis and weed grading systems are not reflections of the strain itself. The methodology and care given to the plant during growth and harvest are the determining factors. 

  • A Ratings start from A, also known as Single-A and commonly referred to as dirt weed. This is the lowest quality, and while you may experience a relaxing high, less pleasant side effects such as headaches and dizziness are not uncommon.
  • AA, or Double-A, is one step up on the scale, and cannabis of this grade usually contains more THC than the A-graded varieties.
  • AAA, or Triple-A, used to be considered the “best of the best.” High standard and quality cannabis available in dispensaries and stores is usually of this grade.
  • AAAA, also known as Quad-A, is known as premium cannabis, with the highest points in all areas with a smooth, clean-burning smoke and a sharp, delicious flavour.

You Should Try Grading Your Next Nug!

Although there may be benefits from using a weed grading system, your personal preference is the most relevant factor when determining what to purchase. A few different cannabis and weed grading systems are available out there; however, the A–AAAA+ system is the most commonly used. 

Several factors play into and determine what rating a plant is given. The CBD and THC levels in a flower are the first things to consider. 

Plants are also judged by their looks, the way the plant has been trimmed, and whether sprays or pesticides were used. The flavor is also taken into account, and of course its effect on the user. 

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