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Is Cannabis Addictive? Depends on Who You Ask

 We’ve probably all heard the claims that cannabis is a heavily addictive substance—or that it’s impossible to become addicted to weed. It turns out that the truth is somewhere in between. Research is ongoing, but do cannabis sativa benefits outweigh any addictive properties?

The Facts of Cannabis Addiction


Unfortunately, the claim that weed is an addiction-free substance is not entirely accurate. While many people who use cannabis experience no major side effects, roughly one in 10 cannabis users will experience addiction. This number rises to one in two people who use cannabis daily.

 Because cannabis addiction tends to develop over time and with continual use, users may not realize they are building a dependency. This, paired with using higher doses over time as your tolerance grows, can lead to a higher chance for addiction.

 Ensuring that you use cannabis safely and with caution in mind can greatly reduce your risk for addiction. Taking occasional breaks from cannabis use can allow you to gauge your dependency. Ask yourself: How do you feel when you take a week off?

 Using weed only when you don’t have major responsibilities can help to ensure your use never progresses into addiction. If you do not depend on a joint or an edible to get you through every work meeting or grocery trip, you are likely building a healthy relationship to weed.

 While cannabis sativa plant uses can lead to addiction, weed is still a safer choice than many alternatives. Alcohol and tobacco, among other substances, were found to have increased harm to self and others compared to weed.

Cannabis Sativa Benefits


Even though cannabis is addictive for some people, it is still better than many alternative drugs. It is known to cause dependencies, but this does not often lead to harm and abuse, unlike alcohol.

 Needing a joint at the end of every day is far less harmful to an individual than an addiction to a stronger substance. The side effects of using cannabis, while unpleasant, are rarely more dangerous than a headache or dizziness.

 Unlike alcohol or tobacco, cannabis sativa benefits users in a variety of ways. We are learning more of the positives of medical marijuana all the time, but weed can be beneficial outside of legal prescriptions too.

 Cannabis products, especially those that are high in CBD, can be used for many health benefits, like sleep tinctures that help with insomnia or weed strains developed to help calm and center you.

 Even if your goal is to get high and feel good, cannabis is still a safer choice than other drugs. While addiction risks and side effects are lower, products like CBD milk chocolate can also protect your lungs if you have concerns about smoking.

So, Is Cannabis Addictive?

To some extent, cannabis does have addictive properties. While it is essential with any substance to make sure you are using it safely, the risk of cannabis addiction is lower than that of alternatives. To many, the benefits of weed outweigh any potential risks.




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