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bud rot

How to Identify Bud Rot and Mold in Your Nugs

Have you ever wondered if cannabis goes bad? It is, after all, a plant. All organic matter eventually decomposes. Not only that, if you live in a damp climate or if weed is grown in a damp environment, there is a greater risk of it rotting.

Let’s take a peek at:

  1. How mold grows on weed
  2. If it’s possible to buy moldy cannabis
  3. How to identify bud rot

How Does Mold Grow in Weed?

How Does Mold Grow in Weed?

It can be tough to spot bud rot initially, as it originates in the plant’s stem. The cause is often related to overwatering, humidity, and poor drainage. The grower will see that stems are grey, and they may be soft.

Ideally, if a grower finds bud rot in a plant, they would look at their crop carefully and discard plants with bud rot. However, if some plants are missed, moldy cannabis can make it into the bud you order online in Canada.

For outdoor crops, bud rot in stems and roots can also occur after heavy rainfall and improper ventilation.

Is it Possible to Buy Moldy Cannabis?

In the wild world of cannabis, moldy weed can get into the hands of the consumer. Growers who take pride in their craft will take great care to ensure the quality of their crops, and like any industry, there will be those who cut corners.

Innocent human error and the presence of mold inside parts of the plant that can’t be seen with the naked eye add to the possibility of acquiring moldy bud.

Mold travels on spores that we can’t see, so it makes sense that mold on a plant can’t be seen in the initial stages of growth, either.

 What if I Order Moldy Bud Online in Canada?

If you suspect there is mold on your nugs, take this seriously. Mold and mildew are bad for your health. Double-check that it is indeed mold or mildew and not resin or kief. Use your senses of sight and smell to inspect your nugs. Mildew is a form of mold.

Once mildew is on the flower, it looks powdery and may look like trichomes. If there is mold on your buds, you will see a fine, whitish powder upon inspection.

There may also be dark spots or slime on the buds. You can use a magnifying glass to double-check.

Mold tends to be white and fuzzy at first, and it will eventually turn grey and then black. It may be easier to identify than mildew.

Notice if the scent of the bud is off. Some will pick up on the smell before visibly noticing bud rot. Mold smells damp, decayed, and musty. If you happen to smoke weed with bud rot, it can taste sour, and it can make you cough or give you a headache.

If you wish to inspect your weed further, you can use an LED loupe with light. Growers use these to see trichomes clearly, and an LED light with loupe magnifies up to 30x.

Using an LED loupe will alleviate any doubt, as it will show you any mold, mildew, slime, or other unwanted growth.

If you’ve ordered from a reputable online retailer, let them know right away what’s happened and get rid of the bud. It’s not worth your health to risk smoking buds that are rotten.


Bud Rot and Mold

Your wellness is always a top priority. While the hope is that you don’t ever order bud online in Canada that contains mold or mildew, it can and does happen.  Be sure to buy your mail order bud from trustworthy retailers, with a keen eye for quality (hint – that’s us at Top BC Cannabis).




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