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Why is legal weed so expensive?

The legalization of marijuana was an exciting moment in Canadian history. Many people who previously felt inhibited by the idea of breaking the law were given the freedom to access marijuana as they pleased.    Whether it’s the liberty of smoking a joint more openly or being able to buy marijuana online with comfort, it […]

Are Weed Vape Pens Safe for Health?

Vaping cannabis was once seen as a safer alternative to smoking herb. But in 2019, the rise of questionable vape products gave rise to a serious lung illness that medical professionals attributed to vaping.    In those affected, the cannabis extract itself isn’t responsible for any adverse lung effects, but rather it’s the inclusion of […]

Can Cannabis Oil Cure Cancer?

Many people believe that cannabis can help relieve the symptoms of cancer. Some even believe that cannabis oil can cure cancer. Thanks to the many widely shared patients’ stories about medical marijuana in canada, cannabis for cancer isn’t a unusual idea. But, is any of this true? or are these stories hopeful thinking?   The […]

Is CBD harmful to the liver?

Patients can now buy CBD online in Canada, and many of them see it as one of nature’s miracles. They use it to help successfully treat a host of conditions more effectively than many over the counter medications. But while the benefits are clear, is there any truth to the rumour that CBD can be […]

What Is the Difference Between a Cannabis Extract and a Concentrate?

As the name suggests, cannabis concentrates are a more concentrated version of the plant’s natural compounds. Cannabis concentrates include hash, oils, tinctures, hash, shatters, all the way up to the purity of isolates and distillates. But not all concentrates are extracts because an extraction technically requires the use of a solvent.   Does all that […]

How Does CBD Affect Your Brain and Body?

Everyone and their dog (yes, really their dog) seems to be taking cannabidiol (CBD) for health benefits. Until only a few years ago, many people had never heard about this little cannabis-derived cannabinoid. Even today, you might have heard about CBD, but don’t understand the details.    This guide aims to tell you where to […]