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The Science Behind this Potent Product

If you’ve given edibles a try and are sick of smoking solely flower, bring your cannabis usage up to the next level by buying shatter online.

 Although it may sound like something scary, shatter is simply given the name for its tendency to snap when handled. The shatter product itself is a brittle, almost glass-like cannabis extract that is incredibly potent and a great way to indulge.

What Exactly is Shatter?


Shatter is a cannabis concentrate that is produced using a combination of both weed plant materials and solvents. While almost always incredibly potent, it can be high in THC, CBD, or both.

The product is typically translucent to light yellow or golden in colour, and can vary in texture. The higher the terpene content, the runnier the product.

How is Shatter Used?  

When wanting to use shatter, be sure you have all of the necessary tools. Shatter can be added to dried flowers and smoked or vapedor more commonly, dabbed, which is known as inhaling vaporized cannabis concentrates through a dab rig. Because the dabs are vaporized instead of combusted, users may notice a crisp taste while using them.

How is Shatter Stored?


Shatter should be stored in an airtight and lightproof container in a cool room. When stored improperly, it can break down and lose its initial flavour, consistency, and potency.

What is the Potency of Shatter?

Shatter can contain upwards of 60-80% THC, compared to the average 20% found in everyday marijuana.

 Those who make the concentrates have learned to create both CBD and THC shatter, both of which contain highly concentrated cannabinoids and terpenes, which in turn add to the potency of the product.

Are There Any Side Effects from Using Shatter?

Because shatter often has significantly higher THC levels than flowers, it’s important to start small. While there aren’t any long-term side effects of using shatter, overconsumption could lead to what some refer to as “greening out,” or experiencing distressing symptoms including high levels of anxiety, paranoia, or even nausea.

How is Shatter Made? 

Shatter is made during a long and delicate process, typically consisting of six steps:   

  1. Selecting a base cannabis material.
  2. Packing a material column.
  3. Cooling the solvent.
  4. Passing the chilled solvent over the cannabis material to create a shatter solution.
  5. Removing the solvent from the shatter solution.
  6. Finally chilling the solvent tank to recondense vapours.

 In other words, professionals pick something with cannabis, such as flowers or shake, to be used to create the extract. They then cool a solvent and pour it over the selected cannabis product(s). Then, they remove the solvent from the new solution with heat and chill the new product into what we know as shatter.

 They go through this process in order to get the most concentrated form of THC and CBD possible.

Shatter is a Scientific Breakthrough

 When you order shatter online in Canada, be sure to purchase from a reputable source, as several cycles are needed to properly remove all solvents used while it’s being created.

 A great place to order cheap shatter online is at TOPBC Cannabis, as each order is perfectly portioned and tested as safe.


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