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How to Make Cannabis Juice? What are Its Health Benefits

How to Make Cannabis Juice? What are Its Health Benefits

There is a new superfood making the rounds this days, and this might come as a surprise. Raw cannabis is making its way into the world of juicing, and is a growing trend that more and more people are getting into. Kale and wheatgrass may be filled with nutrients, but cannabis is teeming with raw […]

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Difference between Solvent-Based and Solventless Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are slowly becoming a popular alternative to flowers. They contain only the most beneficial parts of the cannabis plant, making them great for vaping and dabbing, and are excellent for those looking for a more concentrated dose. The purest forms of concentrates have THC concentrations higher than flowers, so they are effective for […]

Rehydrate Your Cannabis Buds

How to Rehydrate Your Cannabis Buds

A cannabis flower should have a certain level of moisture to give you an optimal experience. moisture affects aroma, flavor, potency and overall health of a bud. If it is too moist, it may develop mold and harm you. On the other hand, if it is too dry, it will lack potency and flavor, and […]

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5 Cannabis Strains That Will Spark Your Creativity

Cannabis has long been used by scientists, thinkers and artists to help give the proper mindset and express new thoughts. It allows them to live in the moment and embrace new ideas as they come to you. With cannabis, people become less inhibited because they can relax and connect with themselves and their surroundings a […]