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What is Better: Smoking or Vaping Cannabis?

As cannabis laws continue to change and affect new countries and states all around the world, we are seeing a growing number of people are seeing the medical benefits of the plant. Marijuana has long been known to help manage pain from chronic conditions, relieve anxiety and insomnia, and give relief for cancer patients. Whether […]

7 Natural Ways to Treat Chronic Backache

7 Natural Ways to Treat Chronic Backache

If you have chronic backache and are looking for alternatives to conventional medication and surgery, the good news is that you have a lot of options. Alternative pain treatments that doctors once frowned upon have now become the standard in many pain centers, blurring the line between alternative pain treatments and mainstream treatment. Not all […]


THC Beverages vs. Traditional Edibles: Which Is Better?

Cannabis is a plant that is fast becoming popular because of its numerous health benefits. If you are looking for a delicious and flavorful way to consume marijuana, THC edibles and beverages are perfect for you. Weed-infused drinks and edibles provide a longer high than smoking. But which among the two of them is the […]

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Microdosing on Mushrooms, LSD and Cannabis: What You Should Know

Imagine that is a product that you are regularly take that offers numerous healing benefits and is not addictive. This product can boost energy, performance, productivity, focus and creativity. It can also relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Would you take it? people who microdose on mushrooms, LSD and cannabis benefit from these things and more. […]

The Science Behind this Potent Product

If you’ve given edibles a try and are sick of smoking solely flower, bring your cannabis usage up to the next level by buying shatter online.  Although it may sound like something scary, shatter is simply given the name for its tendency to snap when handled. The shatter product itself is a brittle, almost glass-like […]

bud rot

How to Identify Bud Rot and Mold in Your Nugs

Have you ever wondered if cannabis goes bad? It is, after all, a plant. All organic matter eventually decomposes. Not only that, if you live in a damp climate or if weed is grown in a damp environment, there is a greater risk of it rotting. Let’s take a peek at: How mold grows on […]


What Strains Make You Laugh?

Do you like to LOL, ROFL, or LMAO? A good, old-fashioned belly chuckle is hard to beat. That’s because laughing, like cannabis, is therapeutic. And this is why more and more people look to buy marijuana online. Recreational and medicinal cannabis users both have found cannabis to be a great catalyst for mood stimulation. Hollywood […]

Why are weed drinks better than edibles

Do you prefer an orange or orange juice? Sometimes the choice is obvious and easy. Each option has its purpose and each person has their preference. Does the same go for all cannabis food products regardless of form and function? Let’s explore the wide world of cannabis beverages and see if weed drinks really are […]

Cannabis Cookies

Are Cannabis Cookies Healthy for The Human Body?

Not many things in this world match up more harmoniously than medicinal foods that taste good. How much better can it get than a tasty snack that has therapeutic value? When you browse through weed edibles for sale, you’ll see there are nummy treats of all kinds: gummies, chocolate, cookies, brownies, even dried fruit! If […]