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Microdosing on Mushrooms, LSD and Cannabis: What You Should Know

Imagine that is a product that you are regularly take that offers numerous healing benefits and is not addictive. This product can boost energy, performance, productivity, focus and creativity. It can also relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Would you take it? people who microdose on mushrooms, LSD and cannabis benefit from these things and more. Although definitive research are yet to be published, many people are already taking the chance and trying their luck with microdosing.


The Concept of Microdosing

A microdose is a small amount of a substance like LSD or mushroom. It is usually one-tenth to one-twentieth of a regular dose. It is from this method where people have reported getting the best benefits from. Theoretically, a microdose is taken regularly. Such a small amount of believed to have a cumulative effect on healing the body and brain minus the unpleasant side effects.

Studies show that the perceived benefits of microdosing great outweigh the challenges. However, most of what we know about microdosing are based on the perception of other people’s experiences, and not on hard science. Experts are seeing barriers to research, so conclusive evidence is still lacking.


The Benefits of Microdosing

Although microdosing is currently under scientific review, we have seen many anecdotal claims about its benefits. It is believed to help with anxiety, stress and depression. It is also reported to help boost creativity, increase productivity, and alleviate headache symptoms and menstrual issues, among many others.

Many experts believe that microdosing psychedelics has a potential to replace some conventional medicaitons like Ritalin. There is even evidence suggesting that increased synaptic connections and neural activity happen following full doses of psychedelics, which can be very beneficial for people suffering from depression. Theoretically, a microdose taken over time can offer the same benefits.

Because of these, online microdosing communities have grown so much in the last few years, there is a social need for scientific research to inform the general public about its effects. There are just too many claims for scientists to just ignore.


Microdosing with Medical Cannabis

Most of what we know about microdosing are based on psychedelic substances like mushrooms and LSD. But medical cannabis that you can buy online and in dispensaries can also be microdosed. In fact, advocates for marijuana microdosing believe that a smaller amount of THC is needed to get the medical benefits that people are going for. Microdosing with weed is a personal thing.

If you think microdosing is for you, it is important to do your research on the right amount that gives you the best and most benefits. It is easy to buy marijuana and edibles online that you can use to microdose.

Capsules offer a relatively easy way to microdose on LSD and mushrooms. They come pre-measured looking like vitamins and are very easy to ingest. You should find the right product for you in the Neurobotanicals brand. Eidbles like chocolates and gummies made with cannabis and mushrooms can also be microdosed.


Is Microdosing Beneficial

Based on perception, it is indeed possible that microdosing is beneficial for many aspects in both lifestyle and wellness. Still, research on the benefits of microdosing mushrooms, LSD and cannabis is not conclusive. Despite this, it is an exciting time for healers and scientists who believe in the power of microdosing and psychedelics. After all, for hundreds of years, psychedelics have been used by humans for healing and ceremony.

As they become more and more widely researched and accepted, the benefits, healing potentials and even the challenges of microdosing mushrooms, LSD and marijuana will surely become clearer in the near future.

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