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What is Bong

What is Bong? 6 Reasons to Switch to Using a Bong

Are you considering using a bong for your cannabis smoking routine? Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned cannabis consumer, it is safe to say that smoking is only as good as the method you use to smoke. If you are smoking newbie, you might wonder: why bong? You might not know but there […]

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Are Edibles Safer Than Smoking Cannabis?

The most common way to consume marijuana is by smoking it. There is one popular method called vaping, which is very similar to smoking but is considered less harsh on the lungs. However, there is another form of consuming cannabis that is not usually considered: edibles. Although smoking and vaping marijuana allows you to experience […]

What is the Best Indica Strain for Sleep?

What is the Best Indica Strain for Sleep?

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best ways to stay healthy and feel your best. Experts recommend that adults get at least seven hours of sleep a night. However, a considerable amount of people are not able to do so. The very same people also struggle with the symptoms of insomnia. Symptoms […]

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Vape Pens, why are they Game-Changers?

Over the years we have experienced a transition in a wide variety of commodities. There have been changes starting with our communicating devices, cars, fashion accessories,home-use apparatus, farm machinery, I mean the list is endless. You can’t predict what is next to come in today’s market world. Well, I guess weed vendors have not been […]

grade cannabis

How to Grade Cannabis From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Many of us tend to grade and categorize everything we use and consume, sometimes without even thinking about it.  We have our favorite piece of clothing, our favorite kind of beverage, and we all have that one snack that is better than all others.  And for most users, having a cannabis and weed grading system […]

How Do Vape Pens Work?

What is one of the most exciting tech advances in cannabis culture? The vape pen, a device that has grown in popularity at lightning-quick speed. Yet, despite the growth in demand, vape pens are still largely misunderstood by a notable segment of the population.    Negative and preconceived notions, partially brought on by sensationalized news […]