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Are Edibles Safer Than Smoking Cannabis?

The most common way to consume marijuana is by smoking it. There is one popular method called vaping, which is very similar to smoking but is considered less harsh on the lungs. However, there is another form of consuming cannabis that is not usually considered: edibles. Although smoking and vaping marijuana allows you to experience the high more quickly compared to edibles, the latter have their own advantages, including fewer negative health implications and longer-lasting effects.

Do the Effects of Edibles Take Longer than Smoking?

Smoking cannabis offers the fastest method to feel its effects. Eating marijuana edibles takes a little longer because the process of weed getting into the bloodstream is slower compared to vaping or smoking. Edibles will have to travel down the stomach and then to the liver before it gets into the bloodstream and the brain.

  • The liver plays a huge role in how the body reacts to edibles. As it gets into the liver, the marijuana component THC is converted into a stronger form. Thus, once it finally goes to the bloodstream and starts to take effect, the high becomes more intense. With this long process, you need to be patient when consuming edibles. Inexperienced users tend to consume more even before the initial amount takes effect, so they end up getting way too high.
  • Lungs play a bigger role in vaping and smoking marijuana. Smoking and vaping marijuana pass the THC from the plant directly into the lungs where it then immediately goes into the bloodstream, allowing for a quicker high.
  • Edible high lasts longer than smoking or vaping weed. When smoking or vaping, the effects can be felt in as quick as a few seconds to a few minutes. This kind of high can last for up to six hours, although this can vary on the user depending on factors like tolerance levels and weight. On the other hand, edibles can take 30 minutes to up to two hours to take effect.

What are the Pros and Cons of Taking Weed Edibles?

  • Edibles come in a wide range of forms, giving you numerous choices based on your needs and preferences. You can take your pick from chocolate bars to taffies to gummies, to name a few. They also come in drinks like sodas, coffee, tea, and even energy drinks.
  • Edibles have been shown to better help with health issues like pain, nausea, and appetite.
  • Compared to smoking or vaping, the beneficial effects of marijuana last longer when it is consumed as an edible.
  • Consuming edibles is considered healthier compared to vaping or smoking, considering the presence of carcinogens in the latter and its other possible impact on the lungs.

Cannabis edibles prove to be a strong contender for patients with medical problems that cannot or prefer not to smoke or vape. After all, there are just some who are not very interested in smoking marijuana, which is fine because smoking is not for everyone. Edibles, powders, pills, and tinctures are just some of the other ways to consume cannabis, and the possibilities are growing by the day. So do not panic if you do not have a preferred method yet because it might be discovered soon.

The good news is that, at the end of the, there are lots of options for everyone, whatever your personal preferences may be. Just make sure that you purchase your marijuana goods from a trusted retailer so you are assured of the best possible cannabis experience, whether you are using it medically or just for recreational purposes.


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