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What Is the Best Time of Year to Grow Cannabis?

Sure you can order medical marijuana online in New Brunswick, or buy medical marijuana online in Nova Scotia — but you can also grow your own. Although you might assume Canada is simply too chilly for an outdoor cannabis crop, in the summer months, much of Canada is perfect for growing weed. And, if you […]

What gives cannabis flowers its colours?

Like all flowering plants, one way by which cannabis expresses its beauty is by producing colourful hues. From black to red, and from purple to yellow and orange, the colour spectrum of flowering cannabis is as diverse as its effects. If you’d like to order cannabis online in Canada, then here we take a look […]

Does Weed Affect Muscle?

Many of us remember that famous video from the 1970s, where Arnold Schwarzenegger was seen smoking a joint with bodybuilding buddies. But what are the facts around marijuana and bodybuilding? Will getting stoned get you toned, and is pot the new protein?    If you want to buy marijuana online to complement your efforts in […]

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What Are CBD’s Side Effects for the Mind and Body?

Whether you are looking to buy a CBD vape pen in Canada, or pure CBD oil, you are likely seeking it out for its medicinal benefits. Over the last several years, CBD has become the darling of the cannabis world. It’s gotten so popular that even people unfamiliar with weed are curious about it. But […]

Learn How to Lose Weight with Medical Marijuana

Cannabis users who buy medical marijuana online in Canada are familiar with the plant’s appetite-increasing properties. It’s hard to want to eat when you’re in pain or nauseous, and cannabis helps with both those conditions. And there are few recreational users who haven’t experienced the munchies at one point or another. So the concept of […]

Everything You Need to Know About Marijuana Products

If you order weed online in Canada, then it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. The recent legalization movement transformed the industry, and there are now countless products with different potencies and methods of administration that exhibit a wide range of effects.  Here’s the low-down on what’s available. Cannabis Flower The most widely-used form […]

What You Need to Know About Cannabis Edibles

Edibles have come a long way from the days of hashish brownies. The legalization movement means that there is now a long list of products that consist of edibles and drinks infused with cannabis. If you’re one of the increasing number of people who want to buy weed edibles online in Canada, then here’s what […]

Learn the Benefits of Purchasing Weed Products Online

There are numerous advantages for those who buy weed online in Canada. Online dispensaries stock a wide selection of cannabis products at the most competitive prices. They also have regular offers and discounts on their products, all while providing the sheer convenience of the online experience. Here’s why online dispensaries go above and beyond in […]

Does Weed Make Your Hair Grow?

There are a lot of strange theories about cannabis out there. Especially because researchers keep stumbling on new and exciting medical applications, it seems like cannabis can do anything! But can weed make your hair grow? Considering cannabis impacts skin health, digestive health, and even bone health – it’s not that crazy to consider it […]

What is the Most Effective Way to Consume CBD?

Everyone wants to try CBD these days, and for good reasons. Cannabidiol (CBD) is already scientifically linked to several valuable medicinal properties, with many more under investigation. Canadians are leaping to buy CBD oil online to treat muscle spasms, inflammation, joint pain, stiffness, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. With so many applications, you may be wondering, […]