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Learn the Benefits of Purchasing Weed Products Online

There are numerous advantages for those who buy weed online in Canada. Online dispensaries stock a wide selection of cannabis products at the most competitive prices. They also have regular offers and discounts on their products, all while providing the sheer convenience of the online experience. Here’s why online dispensaries go above and beyond in […]

Does Weed Make Your Hair Grow?

There are a lot of strange theories about cannabis out there. Especially because researchers keep stumbling on new and exciting medical applications, it seems like cannabis can do anything! But can weed make your hair grow? Considering cannabis impacts skin health, digestive health, and even bone health – it’s not that crazy to consider it […]

What is the Most Effective Way to Consume CBD?

Everyone wants to try CBD these days, and for good reasons. Cannabidiol (CBD) is already scientifically linked to several valuable medicinal properties, with many more under investigation. Canadians are leaping to buy CBD oil online to treat muscle spasms, inflammation, joint pain, stiffness, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. With so many applications, you may be wondering, […]

What Are Short-term & Long-term Health Benefits of Smoking Marijuana?

With your mail order marijuana now on its way from an online dispensary in Canada, you have some questions. What are the short term benefits you can expect from smoking medical marijuana? What about the long term value of consistent daily use?  The study of medical cannabis is relatively new, but we already know enough […]

cbd oil for chronic pain

Does CBD Oil Really Help in treating Pain?

One of the main reasons patients buy CBD online in Canada is to treat pain. Chronic pain, which is a daily experience, affects up to one in five Canadians. Pain may come from a lingering injury, the symptom of another disease or illness, or most frustratingly from an undiagnosed source. With the problems associated with […]

medical cannabis for mental health

Marijuana for anxiety, depression, Bipolar Disorder, & Mental Illness: Does it help?

Every year, at least 20 percent of Canadians report struggling with a serious mental health condition, like anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder. Thankfully, mental illness is something Canadians talk about these days. With more conversations, it’s also apparent that many Canadians are working with medical marijuana to treat these conditions. Or, if they are not […]

What is CBD?

What is CBD?

Have you ever wondered about CBD? It is another type of cannabis which has benefits that differ from THC. This article will explain what to expect from your CBD experience. It may be different for everyone, as everyone handles the effects differently. If you are seeking a less-intense experience from cannabis and still hoping to […]

What is THC?

What is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol. Try saying that 5 times as fast as you can. Have you ever wondered what THC actually is? While it is posted clearly on any cannabis product, there isn’t much information provided at the point of purchase. What is this mysterious elixir that seems to make us feel so good? Why does THC produce […]

Why is B.C. Bud the Freshest?

Why is B.C. Bud the Freshest?

Have you ever heard of B.C. Bud? There’s a good chance that you have. While there are many places that are known for cannabis consumption, some outliers have begun to break away from the pack. Colorado was instrumental in the beginning of Cannabis legalization, and were followed by many U.S. states. There are other countries […]

If I can smoke a lot of weed can I eat a lot of edibles?

If I can smoke a lot of weed can I eat a lot of edibles?

Everyone has heard the story of the person who tries cannabis edibles for the first time, eats one gummy, then upon feeling nothing, eats the whole pack and then experiences what many call a “bad trip.” Intense motion sickness, spinning walls, feelings of paranoia, as well as nausea can all be experienced when one consumes […]