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Everything You Need to Know About Marijuana Products

If you order weed online in Canada, then it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. The recent legalization movement transformed the industry, and there are now countless products with different potencies and methods of administration that exhibit a wide range of effects. 

Here’s the low-down on what’s available.

Cannabis Flower

The most widely-used form of cannabis product is raw flower. With countless strains available on dispensary shelves, consumers can easily consult online databases and select the right strain to meet their needs, knowing that each strain’s genetic imprint will produce reliable and repeatable effects over time.

You can use cannabis flower in several ways. Most prefer to smoke it in a pipe, a bong, or a joint, while others prefer to use it as the source material for their own creations such as topicals or edibles.

Marijuana Edibles

Edibles have been a staple for many cannabis consumers for centuries. Hashish was the first form of edible, commonly eaten in large quantities in parts of the middle east in years gone by. In modern times, edibles now constitute a large part of the cannabis market with ever more inventive and tasty formulations filling dispensary shelves. 

Edibles are ideal for those who prefer to avoid smoked forms of cannabis. They’re odourless, discreet, and convenient and provide consumers with a way to consume marijuana just about anywhere.

The effects of edibles tend to take much longer to come on when compared to smoked or vaped forms of cannabis, and consumers will sometimes need to wait as long as two hours. However, edibles tend to impart a more intense and longer-lasting high. This is mainly due to how THC metabolizes in the body, where the THC converts to the more potent 11-Hydroxy-THC in the liver.

Tinctures and Oils

Tinctures come in small glass bottles with a dropper for precise dosing. They are essentially a form of edible infused in an alcohol solution and are available in a wide variety of blends. Some contain THC or CBD alone, while other more expensive options contain the full spectrum of compounds present in the original cannabis flower with abundant terpenes, flavonoids, and minor cannabinoids.

The THC in tinctures comes in its decarboxylated form, something that makes for optimal absorption when ingested. You can use tinctures in various ways, some absorb the oil orally, while others add it to an edible recipe for cooking. When administered sublingually, tinctures enable a fast onset time, often in the range of mere minutes.

Cannabis Beverages

Cannabis beverages inhabit the middle ground between edibles and sublingual forms of cannabis. They are another smoke-free method of consuming cannabis and provide consumers with an easily administered form of cannabis coupled with long-lasting effects. 

Most cannabis beverages have THC infused, although CBD-infused beverages are becoming increasingly common.

Topical Cannabis Products

Topical products include cannabis-infused lotions, balms, oils and sprays. Consumers typically apply them to the skin for relief from a variety of symptoms such as skin conditions, pain, or inflammation. Topical cannabis is more applicable to medicinal circles as it treats underlying conditions without any associated psychoactivity common to other forms of administration. 

Topical cannabis solutions consist of a cannabis extract infused with a fat source that may also include other herbs and oils to help accentuate healing and enhance its medicinal effects.

Other Cannabis Concentrates

Aside from hashish, the extensive line of cannabis concentrates on the market are all relatively new. Modern cannabis concentrates are extremely potent and often boast of THC levels in excess of 90%.

Concentrates fall into two distinct groups, solvent-based and solventless. Solvent-based concentrates strip raw cannabis flower with the use of a solvent like butane or ethanol, while solventless concentrates rely purely on heat and pressure to extract the resin from the cannabis flower.


Shatter has a brittle, glass-like texture, and comes in a golden yellow to bright amber colour. Commonly available with concentrations of up to 90% THC, shatter is hugely popular. While some use it for a quick hit, others utilize those high doses of THC to combat chronic issues such as pain and help make their lives more tolerable.


Budder is a form of cannabis concentrate with a soft, non-viscous consistency with a greenish-brown to buttery gold colour. Budder is a form of BHO concentrate and is known to produce a potent and smooth flavour thanks to the preservation of much of the terpene profile.

Budder will typically have THC values in the range of 70%, and it strikes a balance between high cannabinoid content and high terpene content.


Crumble is simply a more brittle version of budder. As its name suggests, it has a crumbly honeycomb consistency. The colour tends to be similar to budder or badder, but rather than having a glossy texture, it tends to have a matted shade of yellow.

Sugar Wax

Sugar wax comes in a sugary, grainy texture and boasts a rich and complex flavour profile. It is one of the more easily managed concentrates available and is more viscous than many other comparable concentrates.

Sugar wax obtains its sugary consistency thanks to an agitation process in the production phase, where the high quantities of terpenes in the extracted oil act as a recrystallization agent. This causes the terpenes and cannabinoids to separate and thus give a sugary texture. When produced correctly, sugar wax boasts maximum terpene content and an excellent flavour profile along with high quantities of THC.

Order Weed Online in Canada

The wide variety of marijuana products currently available means that consumers are spoiled for choice. Where people once only had the option to smoke cannabis, we now have a wide range of products that capitalize on every possible method of administration. 

Whether you’re a medicinal patient looking to avoid combustion or are simply looking for something to unwind come the evening, then at Top BC Cannabis, we strive to provide the best selection for those who want to order weed online in Canada.

Whatever your preference, you’ll be sure to find it over at our shop!

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