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Does Weed Make Your Hair Grow?

There are a lot of strange theories about cannabis out there. Especially because researchers keep stumbling on new and exciting medical applications, it seems like cannabis can do anything! But can weed make your hair grow? Considering cannabis impacts skin health, digestive health, and even bone health – it’s not that crazy to consider it might also help grow hair.

So let’s get into the research on cannabis for hair growth, including hormones, the impact of stress, metabolism, and more. Weed might not directly make your hair grow, but it does bring balance and healing across a wide spectrum of medical conditions. If you buy full spectrum CBD oil in Canada, your newly luscious locks might technically come from overall health and wellness…. Not from the miraculous hair growing powers of cannabis.

Why buy full-spectrum CBD oil in Canada?

The true medicinal benefits of cannabis become apparent when patients ingest the full-spectrum of plant compounds in the cannabis plant. The benefits of cannabis extend far and wide, and in what may surprise many, these benefits also extend to hair health.

The presence of cannabis metabolites in hair is often used as a form of testing for prior cannabis use. But what few understand is that the presence of these metabolites may also offer several benefits to hair health.

Does Weed Promote Hair Growth?

Cannabis exhibits a wide range of medicinal properties, the extent of which know no bounds for now. Science is still beginning to understand the various mechanisms of action of the plant, and in one surprising finding, it now seems that cannabis can help promote hair growth.

For years, regular marijuana consumers reported noticing increased rates of hair growth, but without any scientific evidence to back up the claims, few gave credence to the notion.

Cannabis Flower or Oil: Which is Best For Hair Growth?

There are many ways to consume marijuana, and the effects often vary substantially depending on the method of administration. In the case of hair growth, it now seems clear that hemp oil is a more effective form of administration over smoked or vaped forms of cannabis.

In 2019, researchers performing a study at Bournemouth University in the UK found that hemp oil can help promote hair growth, offer moisturizing benefits, and even protect hair.

The reason that hemp oil is so effective at increasing hair growth is due to the presence of Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, all of which can promote hair growth. In addition to fatty acids, the presence of keratin in hemp oil also seems to offer benefits. This structural protein is common to all vertebrates and is one of the key compounds in the growth of hair and nails in humans.

Can Hemp Oil Prevent Men From Going Bald?

As powerful a medicine as cannabis may be, it can’t undo a genetic predisposition to baldness, and hemp oil is unlikely to save any man from impending baldness. It tends to function much like a supplement and provides the body with the raw ingredients necessary for promoting already existing hair growth. And while it won’t make an expanding forehead recede, it will strengthen any existing hair due to the properties of the plant, most notably, the fatty acid profile.

Cannabis and Hormones

Another commonly touted advantage of cannabis use as it relates to hair growth is its ability to increase estrogen and decrease testosterone. While high levels of estrogen are associated with increased hair growth, it’s not always so simple, and the effects of cannabis use on estrogen levels are very much a double-edged sword.

Unless you are deficient in estrogen, increased levels of it aren’t favourable. In women, it can provoke a host of negative effects ranging from fatigue, anxiety, the formation of fibroids, endometriosis, abnormal menstruation, and even breast cancer. In men, the consequences are rather ironic, as high levels of estrogen often contribute to baldness. Cannabis may offer benefits in one sense, but it may pose problems in another way with regard to hair growth.

How Stress Affects Hair Growth and How Cannabis Helps

One of the major factors in hair loss is stress, something that’s endemic to society in modern times.

In the vast majority of patients, cannabis elicits positive benefits on mood and outlook and also helps relieve stress and anxiety. As a powerful anti-depressant, cannabis can stabilize stress levels within individuals almost immediately after consumption. With reduced stress levels, hair health may increase, but so too can overall health. Healing is, after all, a holistic endeavour, and true healing rarely occurs by treating one symptom alone in isolation.

Metabolism and Hair Growth

One of the primary benefits of marijuana is that it can speed up your metabolism, and a faster metabolism can often lead to faster hair growth. With more efficient digestion, ageing slows as the body assimilates the raw ingredients for many metabolic functions, including hair growth.

How Cannabis Brings Balance and Healing

The scientific literature does support the notion that cannabis promotes hair growth. But while the evidence is strong, it may not be the preferred first choice for everyone. Issues associated with estrogen production may serve to counteract the benefits, and the value of using cannabis or hemp oil to treat the condition is always particular to the individual in question.

That said, anyone using cannabis to help regulate metabolism or deal with conditions like excessive stress or anxiety, may well find increased hair growth to be a most welcome side effect. The cannabis plant offers a wide range of benefits, and like all effective medicine, it works on several systems simultaneously.

Traditional western medicine tends to focus on one medication to treat one symptom. But the effects of cannabis, when consumed in its pure unadulterated full-spectrum form, can often bring true balance to the body. The endocannabinoid system controls a wide variety of bodily functions. It’s responsible for regulating and balancing things like immune response, appetite, metabolism, memory, and communication between cells and much more.

With such a powerful medicine acting upon the system, don’t be surprised if you experience improved hair health and growth as a result of the increased efficiency and functioning of bodily systems.

Buy Full-Spectrum CBD Oil in Canada

When it comes to obtaining the full medicinal benefits of cannabis, full-spectrum extracts, or whole flower are always the preferred option. The synergies that play out between the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids will always enhance any medicinal benefit over isolated forms of cannabis.

If you’d like to buy full-spectrum CBD oil in Canada, whether to improve hair health or treat any other condition with cannabis, then at Top BC Cannabis, our full-spectrum oils are specially formulated to preserve the full spectrum of compounds for maximum medicinal benefit.

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