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What Are CBD’s Side Effects for the Mind and Body?

Whether you are looking to buy a CBD vape pen in Canada, or pure CBD oil, you are likely seeking it out for its medicinal benefits. Over the last several years, CBD has become the darling of the cannabis world. It’s gotten so popular that even people unfamiliar with weed are curious about it.

But is this novel cannabis-derived compound safe? While there is a growing body of research exploring CBD’s side effects and therapeutic applications, it’s still a relatively new field. In many ways, it’s perhaps even less understood than its more intoxicating sister cannabinoid – THC. 

So, before you buy a CBD vape pen in Canada, let’s cover all the bases and dig into the CBD science. The good news? CBD is safe and well-tolerated.

A Quick Introduction: What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in cannabis sativa. Most commonly, CBD comes from hemp varieties, because it’s cheaper and legally easier to grow this non-intoxicating crop. However, there are many strains of medical cannabis that contain measurable levels of CBD. Some of the most popular include ACDC and Charlotte’s Web. 

Although THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids are molecularly similar, each tends to target different physiological functions or subtly different medicinal value. Cannabidiol stands out because it is considered a major cannabinoid, and it’s non-intoxicating. THC is the other major cannabinoid, but it’s intoxicating. Remember, THC is what causes the high, whereby CBD feels almost sub-perceptual.

Cannabidiol is incredibly popular as a soothing, relaxing alternative to smoking a joint or eating a THC-laden edible. CBD has stress-relieving effects but without the high. You can now find CBD-infused goodies everywhere, like CBD Milk Chocolate Cube or CBD honey.

What Are the Medicinal Benefits of CBD?

CBD rose to fame because of its powerful medicinal value for treating epilepsy, especially among young children. It’s now the only cannabis-derived drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the USA for the treatment of intractable seizure disorders in America. But, it does much more than just reduce the frequency of seizures.

As a non-intoxicating compound, CBD is useful to a broader spectrum of people than THC-rich medical cannabis. It’s now under study to treat several inflammatory disorders, including arthritis and inflammatory bowel disorders.

Beyond inflammation, CBD also seems to provide quiet relief from specific types of pain conditions, like neuropathic pain, and other chronic pain. CBD for pain is especially potent when combined with THC.

But there are even more possible medicinal applications. CBD has antipsychotic, anti-anxiety, and antitumor potential. It’s truly a powerful plant-based medicine.

What are the Known Side Effects of CBD?

Are you excited about the potential of CBD? Just before you click the button to buy CBD vape pens in Canada, you hesitate. All these medical applications sound amazing, but is CBD just another snake oil? Could CBD have a downside? What are the real side effects of taking CBD?

Here is the good news. Even if the research is in the early stages, hundreds of thousands of people are already using CBD daily. Nobody is ending up in the hospital, and when side effects happen, they are mild.

This reported safety profile is thankfully also supported in the literature. According to “An Update on Safety and Side Effects of Cannabidiol: A Review of Clinical Data and Relevant Animal Studies” published in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, CBD is pretty safe. As the authors reported, “In general, the often described favorable safety profile of CBD in humans was confirmed and extended by the reviewed research.”

As further evidence of the safety profile, the World Health Organization (WHO) also reports CBD is well tolerated. They also say, “To date, there is no evidence of recreational use of CBD or any public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.”

But what about the mild side effects? It’s true. Some research does indicate that CBD leads to several side effects, including tiredness, diarrhea, and changes in appetite. But, and this is very important but, “In comparison with other drugs used for the treatment of these medical conditions, CBD has a better side effect profile.”

With relatively mild effects that rarely occur, CBD is a safe option for daily use. It’s so safe, people are often choosing CBD over their usual prescriptions. So you can go ahead and buy that CBD vape pen in Canada now. It’s safe, well-tolerated, and will alleviate many symptoms from common conditions.

A Final Note on Interactions with Other Drugs

Should you decide to dive headfirst into the big wide world of CBD oils, CBD capsules, CBD edibles, and CBD concentrates, there is one potential risk you’ll want to investigate. According to the WHO’s report, “Reported adverse effects may be as a result of drug-drug interactions between CBD and patients’ existing medications.”

CBD is a compound we process in the liver, like most other pharmaceuticals. The liver metabolizes CBD through the same cytochrome and P450 isoenzymes (enzymes) that also process most drugs. If you combine CBD with other pharmaceuticals, researchers hypothesis this can lead to a traffic jam in the liver. The more CBD that is floating around, the less our organs can process the other pharmaceuticals. Scientists suspect that this will lead to increased levels of these drugs in the bloodstream.

This is an ongoing field of study, and researchers still haven’t truly-explored this side effect of CBD. If you are on any pharmaceuticals, you may want to speak to your doctor about working CBD into the equation. Although likely safe, talking with your doctor will clarify any potential interactions.

CBD is Safe and Well Tolerated

For Canadians curious about buying CBD vape pens, it’s remarkable safety profile, and low risk of side effects are very compelling. Based on most doses, you should feel no side effects. If you do, they are mild and well-tolerated. 

After all, sleepiness and appetite changes aren’t that challenging compared with the side effects of most common drugs. Talk with your friends about their experiences, then work with your doctor to incorporate this gentle cannabinoid into your daily routine. A CBD gummy in the morning, CBD topical for achy joints before bed, or a warm cup of CBD infused tea is all you need.

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