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What Is the Best Time of Year to Grow Cannabis?

Sure you can order medical marijuana online in New Brunswick, or buy medical marijuana online in Nova Scotia — but you can also grow your own. Although you might assume Canada is simply too chilly for an outdoor cannabis crop, in the summer months, much of Canada is perfect for growing weed. And, if you move to an indoor grow room, you can grow all year round. 


What is the best time of year to grow medical marijuana in Canada? Unless you grow inside, most of the Winter just too cold, even in temperate cities like Victoria and Vancouver. If you are keen on growing cannabis outdoors in the beautiful country of ours, you’ll need to stick with an appropriate grow schedule.


Plus, while you are waiting for your first crop to pump out big beautiful buds, you can still order medical marijuana online in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and all across this country.


When to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Canada


Your first step to growing weed is to source seeds from reputable breeders.  Look for easy to grow strains suitable for growing in the great outdoors. You’ll also want to do a bit of research on your specific location. 

  • How long is the growing season? 
  • How many days of sun do you get? 
  • What climate zone are you? 
  • Do you live in a temperate, arid, maritime, or subarctic region? 


Choose wisely, based on your outdoor growing environment, and helpful guides put together by experienced growers. Order your marijuana seeds online in January or February. This will give you ample time for shipping, prepping, and germination.


When to Germinate Cannabis Seeds 


However you plan on getting started, you’ll want to begin germination in the early spring. That means in March and April when you would also start tomatoes, peppers, and other hot-weather plants. You’ll also want to start your weed as well. 


You can either germinate first, plant second, or direct sow in a small starter container. This stage is just like starting other veggies indoors before transplanting outdoors.


When to Transplant Medical Marijuana Seeds Outside


Once you have your seedlings going strong, eventually, they’ll need to move outside. Typically this will happen in late May or June, although the exact timing depends on your specific location. Those growing weed in and around Vancouver, BC, can expect an earlier transplant date than those growing in the rest of the country. 


One important note for starting cannabis inside and then moving it outside is that you’ll want to keep the hours of light relatively similar. Cannabis switches between vegetative to flower stage when triggered by shorter days. When moving your transplants outside in spring, ensure your inside light schedule mimics what’s happening outside. That means, if you have 14 hours of sunlight outside, you should maintain 14 hours of light inside.


When to Top, Prune and Train


You’ll want to top your plants when it has a few sets of true leaves. As a rough guide, this will likely be very quickly after you pop them from their starter containers into the great outdoors. Topping isn’t mandatory, but it will increase the bud development and yield.


If you are also going to prune and begin training, these happen during the vegetative stage of growth. Likely in Canada, that means in late June to August. During these months, Canada experiences the longest days and the hottest temperatures. Your plants will respond with lots of leaf development.


Do not continue training and pruning when your plants begin to grow flowers, likely in August. Once they have begun flowering, all their energy must go to bud production. Any additional stress from pruning or training will decrease yield.


When to Harvest Outdoor Cannabis Plants in Canada


The ideal time to harvest outdoor marijuana plants in Canada comes down to temperatures and weather conditions. As temperatures change and the days get shorter, your plants will switch over into flower production. Depending on the variety, your plants may require upwards of two to three months in flower before they reach peak potency.


During this time, you have to keep a close eye on night time temperatures. As they begin to dip, you’ll want to begin covering your plants to reduce the risk of frost. Frost will cut the flowering time short and could destroy all your hard work.


You’ll also need to keep a close eye on the weather. If you live on the West Coast, you’ll know that fall brings cooler temperatures, torrential rain, and nasty weather. If you cannot protect your plants from the ongoing wet season, you will need to harvest before it happens. 


Pay special attention to the Weather Network for incoming storms. You will need to harvest well before the rain, or else risk the entire season’s work. Unfortunately, this is the cost of growing outdoors.


Growing Weed Outdoors in Canada: Patience and Perseverance


The Great White North may initially seem inhospitable to growing cannabis outdoors, but that’s just at first glance. In British Columbia, Ontario, and beyond, Canada has many ideal regions for successful outdoor grows. Just remember, growing outdoor cannabis is a lesson in patience and perseverance as you navigate weather, temperature, and possibly disease. 


But, after all that, maybe your future as a cannabis farmer sounds a bit stressful. Thankfully, in Canada, you don’t have to grow your own cannabis. We are lucky enough to live in a country where you can buy medical marijuana online in Nova Scotia and order medical marijuana online in New Brunswick – and all entirely legally. 


You could invest a lot of your free time and money into growing weed in Canada, or you could take the easy route and buy online. Millions of Canadians ave already made their decision to buy weed online.


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