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Cannabis Tinctures

The Pros and Cons of Cannabis Tinctures

Many cannabis users love to inhale their herb. Rolling a joint and passing it between friends can be a smooth social experience. Packing a vape to take on the go for a discreet pick-me-up later can be just the ticket for a long day out. Yet other users prefer to steer clear of inhalation altogether. […]

Is Covid 19 Lung Inflammation Reduced by CBD Oil?

The cannabis plant continues to give up its secrets, and its host of medicinal benefits now extend to treating the lung inflammation that afflicts many of those who contract COVID-19. If you would like to buy CBD online in Canada, then here we discuss some new emerging science behind its ability to treat the symptoms […]

5 Ways CBD Benefits Hair and Scalp Health

CBD is all the rage in cannabis culture these days. Praised mainly for its effects on pain management without having THC’s psychoactive effects, CBD is finding itself a favourable position amongst many marijuana users.  It can be challenging to find CBD-heavy strains for smoking, but it is undoubtedly getting easier and easier to buy CBD […]

Can CBD Make Your Skin Glow?

with all the positive hype surrounding cannabidiol (CBD) these days, it seems like there is nothing it can’t do. While the all natural chemical compound is definitely having its heyday in the media, it isn’t without reason. From pain relief to anxiety suppressant, the beneficial qualities of CBD are seemingly limitless. CBD’s power is especially […]

Which Body Part Does Marijuana Affect the Most?

It’s easier than ever to buy weed online here in British Columbia. So it’s no surprise that more people are starting to experiment with cannabis – not just for fun, but to explore its medical potential too.   If you’re considering using marijuana, maybe for the first time, you probably want to understand its effect […]

Know the side effects of edible overdose

Even Seth Rogen, a famous cannabis culture advocate, is raising alarm bells about the pitfalls of consuming too much edible ganja. Digesting cannabis, instead of smoking, is increasing in popularity as a fun new way to experience a THC high.    Edibles deliver a high that is more powerful, deeper and longer-lasting than smoking. Cannabis […]

How to Recover from Edibles?

Edibles offer patients a potent way to take high doses of medical cannabis, all neatly wrapped up in one delicious package. But, an edibles experience can feel so much different than that of an inhaled one. Suddenly, the blissed-out relaxing time shifts into a challenging and highly uncomfortable state of being.    A few guidelines […]

How to Roll the Perfect Joint?

Are you starting to explore the world of cannabis? Are you a veteran that doesn’t know how to roll your own joint? This one’s for you!    If you’re an avid cannabis smoker, we all know there’s always that one person to turn to that can roll joints out of thin air.    It will […]