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Know the side effects of edible overdose

Even Seth Rogen, a famous cannabis culture advocate, is raising alarm bells about the pitfalls of consuming too much edible ganja. Digesting cannabis, instead of smoking, is increasing in popularity as a fun new way to experience a THC high. 


Edibles deliver a high that is more powerful, deeper and longer-lasting than smoking. Cannabis edibles have a lot of pros going for them, but also some cons. If you are curious about weed edibles for sale, this is what you need to know.


It’s Easy To Take Too Much


Why does everyone seem to have a bad edible story? Homemade edibles are notorious for packing a potent punch. In the process of making cookies, gummies, or anything infused with cannabis, the properties settle unevenly throughout the batch. 


Each cannabinoid has a different weight and will concentrate in different parts of the carrier unless very carefully regulated. So, a few homemade gummies may do nothing — or one could pack a serious punch. If you are infusing your own cannabutter or other goodies, you also won’t know precisely how much THC it ends up with. 


That’s why we all love weed edibles for sale from a dispensary. The dose is tested and confirmed. You know you’ll get precisely the dose you signed up for because it’s clearly listed on the label.


Another reason why everyone has a bad edible storey is thanks to the delayed onset. The delayed onset of ingested cannabis makes it tempting to re-dose because you haven’t felt the effects yet. 


It can take upwards of two hours for the first dose to kick in, and four hours to peak. If you double-dipped, you could get hit with two doses at once. 


An Experienced Cannabis Smoker Can Still Run Into Issues with Edibles


Eating cannabinoids and inhalation are two different worlds of experience. A high tolerance to smoking doesn’t give you a high tolerance to edibles. 


When smoking cannabis, THC is the chemical that takes effect on your brain. It takes only a few seconds to kick in and generally dissolves after a few hours. When the same product is digested, it’s a different story altogether.


The THC hits your liver and changes to 11-OH-THC, which quickly crosses the blood-brain barrier and has a much more profound effect, lasting 4-10 hours. In the case of an overdose, up to two days. So, if you don’t enjoy the high, it could be an uncomfortable experience.


Everyone’s Experience With Edibles is Different 


Why do people love edibles? Because of the incredible high and powerful medicinal relief they offer. When you nibble on a chocolate bar or pop a cannabis-infused gummy candy, what sorts of positive vibrations can you expect?


  • Warming body buzz
  • Cerebral effects
  • Powerful pain relief
  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Uplifting giggles
  • Euphoria
  • … and more


But, if you took too much, these positive sensations may flip. The adverse effects of too-much THC are the exact opposite of those you experienced if you got the dose right. 


The most common adverse side effects from edibles include:


  • Nausea
  • Sedation (passing out)
  • Paranoia
  • Lingering grogginess


No two people are the same, and so will not be affected the same. Factors such as weight, age and gender will influence tolerance and symptoms of overdose. There are no real guidelines for what dose of THC will work for you. You may find 10 mg of THC ideal, while your friend can gobble up 50 mg with no ill effects.


What Happens When You Mix Edibles With Alcohol? 


Marijuana and alcohol have a symbiotic relationship. Which means, they have a similar effect on neurons, therefore boosting each other’s effects. 


The vasodilation caused by alcohol is believed to be the reason why users that mix the two feel more intoxicated. In studies, test subjects that consumed both substances had more THC in their blood than those given a single substance or a placebo.


You’ll want to avoid mixing alcohol and edibles due to the way they increase the high. Not only is an edible a more substantial experience than smoking, now you’ve layered alcohol on top. It can be quite the experience. Inhalation in small doses can give you an idea right away of how much is too much.


What to Do If You’ve Had Too Much?


For symptoms of paranoia and panic attacks, it is recommended to find a quiet, safe space and chill. If you’re in a stimulating environment, like a party or a big group of people, remove yourself and maybe hang out with one trusted friend. You could also:


  • Go for a walk outside 
  • Drink lots of water
  • Listen to a favourite song 


Depending on how you’re feeling, you may need movement or stillness to get through a bad high. The passage of time is your best friend at this point. Water will keep fluids moving through your body and may help flush any lingering Cannabinoids in your body.


Another option: CBD has counterattack a THC overdose. There’s perhaps a reason why nature put them in the same plant. When using CBD to calm a runaway edible high, it’s best to use a dose on the larger side as small doses have been found to send the high, well, higher. Top BC Cannabis has great CBD products such as CBD Honey, which could be kept handy in such a situation.


The Best Approach for Beginners


With the vast number of delicious weed edibles for sale, you might be tempted. Should you go big? Maybe you’re trying cannabis edibles for the first time, or you’re a veteran that overdoes it every time? 


These steps will help make sure you have a more enjoyable trip: 


  • Start small and know your dose. It’s tempting to show off, but as we have learned, eating THC is a different high and more potent than smoking. Know your body and own your limitations. Start with small doses. Somewhere between 5-10 mg is recommended, until you know the product and your body.
  • Don’t be afraid to split a big portion into two. Packaged edible products will typically have THC and CBD mg per serving labelled. If one cookie has 50 mg, for example, you can break it up into five equal pieces, until you figure you have 10 mg.
  • Respect the delay. Resist the urge to take more if the high doesn’t kick in quickly. Remember, you may not peak for two hours. Wait, then wait some more. Wait at least two hours and decide from there on what to do.
  • Choose products with a balanced CBD and THC ratio. Cannabidiol (CBD) is non-intoxicating and can help reduce the intensity of a high.
  • Be responsible, and proceed with caution. The effects from cannabis edibles can be felt for hours afterward. Make sure you don’t need to drive or go to work! 


Edibles are a Good Time, With the Right Dose


 With the launch of legal weed edibles for sale across Canada, there has come a big wave of newbies trying them out for the first time. Who doesn’t want powerful, long-lasting pain relief and a deeply relaxing experience?


Even old-timers are getting on board with the potent cookies, candies, and THC-teas sold at online dispensaries.


Just remember, there are side effects to an edible overdose. Hence why it’s so important to take it easy your first few times, don’t bite off more you can chew (as the saying goes), to ensure you keep the experience happy, giggly, and uplifting. 




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