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How to Roll the Perfect Joint?

Are you starting to explore the world of cannabis? Are you a veteran that doesn’t know how to roll your own joint? This one’s for you! 


If you’re an avid cannabis smoker, we all know there’s always that one person to turn to that can roll joints out of thin air. 


It will be cheaper for you to learn how to roll your joints and develop that skill in the long run. Weed, grinders, and paper are all readily available to buy online in British Columbia. 


Rolling a joint is one of the most common ways to consume cannabis. There are various ways to roll a joint to preference, but we will provide you with the typical steps needed to create the most popular joint type. 


Key Points to Remember


Here are a few key points that are essential through rolling the classic doobie.  


  • Size, material, and ratio matters
  • Weed should be dried well so that it easily breaks when you grind it up
  • You want the bud to be able to hold a cylindrical shape; you may have to keep rolling and compressing for a little longer to achieve this
  • A well-done joint will have a longer and smoother burn
  • You will need a cannabis strain of your choice; buy British Columbia weed online
  • Rolling papers for joints
  • A filter (sometimes comes with rolling papers) 
  • Cannabis grinder is ideal and makes it easier for transportation


Below are a few simple steps to get you started and get you rolling. Remember practice, makes perfect, and may take a few tries before you roll a joint well. 


Step One: Grind your Cannabis


First things first choose your BC weed, which is available to buy online, and pick your strain choice. Over time you will discover your preferences, so it’s always good to try a few to compare. 


If your cannabis is dried out well, it will break easily, which is ideal for rolling. We recommend purchasing a grinder to do this, to help  avoid sticky hands. No grinder?  You can still get the perfect “grind” with scissors, or even a knife and cutting board.


Grinders are an excellent investment to save time in the rolling process and ideal to transport your ground cannabis. 


Step Two: Make or Buy a Filter Tip 


The “Tip”, the “Crutch” or the “Filter”: these are all words describing the business end of a joint. If you don’t have any actual filters on hand, you’ve got to find one (i.e., cardboard or business cards). Cut out a small strip of cardboard, rolling it up like a toilet paper roll to the appropriate size. Or create ‘accordion folds,’ that fit into your desired joint thickness. 


Although filers are not entirely necessary, it prevents shake from falling out the end or into your mouth. It helps with stability and avoids burned fingertips. 


Step Three: Gather the Weed ( and Evenly Distribute) 


Layout the ground cannabis in the paper, usually about 1/2 gram to 1 gram is typical within a joint. There are hundreds different papers to use and with various flavours. 


Hemp papers are a popular selection as it is thin but durable. It burns evenly without affecting the taste of the weed. There’s a great deal of choice that is higher quality or eco friendly that has fewer contaminants.  


Please keep in mind papers with flavours tend to contain dyes, bleaches, or other toxins within it, so not as good for you to ingest. It’s worth also having a rolling paper protector to prevent papers from bending or tearing. 


Once the weed is distributed evenly, pinch the paper between your fingertips and roll back and forth to pack down the weed. Roll into a cone shape and till the cannabis is packed together.


Step Four: Roll, Roll, Roll Away 


This is an essential step. 


Tuck the paper’s unglued side into a roll starting with the filter end. Then roll it up, andlick the glued edge for the wrap to stick firmly. If it’s not rolling together, re-gather and distribute the weed evenly and roll again. 


If you’re new to this, it will be slightly challenging at first and may take a few tries. 


Step Five: Pack it! 


Once it has rolled, the best way to finish off the process is to pack the joint’s open end. Use a pen or whatever tool you find useful to poke in the weed and then twist the end. A gentle pack will do it. If you over-pack it will not burn as well, because there is not enough air flow.


It’s essential to pack the end of the joint to ensure an even burn. If not burning right away, closing the tip will keep your freshly rolled joint prime for later! 


Step Six: Enjoy and Smoke 


Once all those steps have been completed, you have earned the right to go and enjoy your well-deserved  joint! Smoking marijuana can have many beneficial  health impacts as it has anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, and uplifting properties. 


Joints with a Twist


As you start to broaden your joint-rolling experience, you will develop preferences in the joint-rolling world. Here a few other variations on the classic joint you may want to experiment with:


Spliff: A spliff is using both cannabis and tobacco within rolling paper, similar to a joint. The ratio of cannabis and tobacco can be altered depending on preferences or what sort of high you want to feel. This style is typical among European smokers, but it does come with negative health effects from tobacco. Spliffs are best enjoyed in moderation.


Blunt: A Blunt is  a cigar-style (or blunt wrap) paper cone filled with at least a gram of  It is generally bigger and lasts longer than a regular joint. The specific blunt paper delivers a smoother smoking experience.


Oil Joint: This is a joint that is covered with super-potent ash oil. It tastes good and provides an intense high.


Happy Rolling with Premium Flower From Top BC Cannabis


Having the appropriate materials and practice will lead you to be able to create the perfect joint. But you’ll always want top shelf flower, which means  British Columbiian weed. 


Once you have the classic joint roll mastered, keep on progressing and experimenting. This is an ancient art, and one which keeps getting reinvented with new papers, new styles, and new potent-ingredients. 


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