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Are Medical Cannabis Edibles Dangerous to the Liver?

Many Canadians use cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Today, the popularity of marijuana is continuously growing. You can easily purchase online in BC and in many readily available dispensaries. Now that getting your own stash of weed is easier than ever, many people are wondering is marijuana edibles can overwork the liver. Because […]

Cannabis Cookies

Are Cannabis Cookies Healthy for The Human Body?

Not many things in this world match up more harmoniously than medicinal foods that taste good. How much better can it get than a tasty snack that has therapeutic value? When you browse through weed edibles for sale, you’ll see there are nummy treats of all kinds: gummies, chocolate, cookies, brownies, even dried fruit! If […]

Know the side effects of edible overdose

Even Seth Rogen, a famous cannabis culture advocate, is raising alarm bells about the pitfalls of consuming too much edible ganja. Digesting cannabis, instead of smoking, is increasing in popularity as a fun new way to experience a THC high.    Edibles deliver a high that is more powerful, deeper and longer-lasting than smoking. Cannabis […]