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5 Cannabis Strains That Will Spark Your Creativity

Cannabis has long been used by scientists, thinkers and artists to help give the proper mindset and express new thoughts. It allows them to live in the moment and embrace new ideas as they come to you. With cannabis, people become less inhibited because they can relax and connect with themselves and their surroundings a lot deeper. Whatever the industry, professionals usually turn to this wonder plant as an effective aid to increase their creative output by enhancing imagination, focus, pattern recognition, and empathetic understanding.


Tips for Dosing with Cannabis Strains

If you already know your optimal dosage, then you can proceed accordingly, but make sure that you take your time. Otherwise, start with a small amount and slowly increase the dosage until you get into a level that opens your mind. Research has shown that lower doses give more consistent results salient creative thinking. Keep in mind that creativity enhanced the experience, and should not be the experience itself.


Top 5 Cannabis Strains to Spark Creativity

  1. Lemon Cake. A potent sativa-dominant strain, Lemon Cake will give you a cerebral high through and through. Aside from a strong head high, it will also increase free-associate thinking and give bursts of euphoric energy. If you have a difficult problem coming up, this strain is perfect for brainstorming and building up ideas. Euphria, uplifted mood and heightened creativity are some of the effects usually linked with a Lemon Cake high.
  2. Jack Herer.This notorious sativa-dominant strain is most noted for both its physical and cerebral effects. Its end result is usually a relaxed and nonchalant body sensation that is paired with a creative, energized and attentive mindset. The increased energy, focus and creativity as only some of the aspects of a Jack Herer high. If you are looking to put ease into your creativity, this is a good strain to use.
  3. Chemdawg.This is a legendary hybrid strain with a long-lost genetic history. Despite this, its popularity has never wavered, mostly because of its energetic, upbeat high. It produces a mostly cerebral high, so you can expect to experience an amplification of ideas that some might find too overwhelming. This strain will send the mind racing, which should come in helpful during brainstorming sessions. It will leave you uplifted, focused and euphoric.
  4. Gelato. It is not common for indicas to be stimulating, but this indica-dominant hybrid has gained most of its popularity because of its potency and signature high. The Gelato high is usually described as comfortable, floaty and lucid, acting like a carefree mood elevator. With this strain, expect to feel anxiety-free and euphoric without the usually indica-haze. An uplifted demeanor paired with heightened creativity, Gelato perfectly gives judgement-free creativity.
  5. Sour Diesel.A wide well-known sativa, Sour Diesel is usually identified by its strong pungent smell and pleasant head rush. Aside from uplifting your mood, it will also stimulate brain activity. When used in a group setting, users become a bit more chatty. But when used alone, however, users feel inspired and prone to creating connections between seemingly different concepts.


Keep in mind that using these cannabis strains to spark your creativity will not guarantee that all your ideas will be great. The point of creativity is to allow you to let go of your inhibitions to create a mindset that is free from judgement. After all, coming up with 10 out-of-the-box ideas is better than no ideas. Whatever strain you decide to use to boost your creativity, make sure that you purchase them from a reputable dispensary to ensure that you are consuming something high quality. Also, use a good device with it for smooth and clean hits.

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