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How to Make Cannabis Juice? What are Its Health Benefits

How to Make Cannabis Juice? What are Its Health Benefits

There is a new superfood making the rounds this days, and this might come as a surprise. Raw cannabis is making its way into the world of juicing, and is a growing trend that more and more people are getting into. Kale and wheatgrass may be filled with nutrients, but cannabis is teeming with raw cannabinoids. Well beyond the nutrients found in leafy green vegetables, cannabis contains compounds that you cannot get from the more conventional cannabis consumption methods. Raw cannabinoids from fresh cannabis leaves offer a medicinal boost to what is already a nutrient-dense juice.

If you have every considered the benefits of juicing cannabis, let us go through the basics first. How do make cannabis juice? And what its health benefits? Read on to find out.


How to Make Cannabis Juice

Most juicers use centrifugal force to extract the liquids from the solids. With centrifugal force, the object is spun at high speeds, putting enough force on the fruit to extract the juicers. Although they are efficient for vegetables and friends, you will likely see less than desirable results from leafy greens, including cannabis. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your cannabis leaves.

  • Tightly roll the leaves. Roll the cannabis leaves into a tight cylinder before you feed it into the juicer. With this technique, you are giving them more heft for the centrifugal force to take hold.
  • Combine with large vegetables and fruits. Bulk up the cannabis leaves by feeding them into a juicer together with heavier items like cucumbers and apples. Chop up the leaves and fruit into smaller pieces and insert them all at once. The fruit chunks will help the juicer grab on the cannabis leaves to allow for a more effective extraction.
  • Use a wheatgrass juicer. If you can, get yourself a wheatgrass juicer. Instead of centrifugal force, these machines rely on cold-press juice extraction which works well with cannabis leaves and other leafy greens.


Health Benefits of Cannabis Juice

  • Reduce inflammation. Juicing cannabis can help protect you against neurogenerative diseases, and treat appetite loss and nausea. It is also being studied to help with breast cancer. It also has an entourage effect of common terpene fragrances all working together to reduce inflammation.
  • Support healthy bones. Initial studies have shown that cannabis has an effect on bone health. Cannabis has similar nutritional components as other leafy green vegetables, which is an abundance of calcium, vitamin K and magnesium to help prevent bone loss.
  • Boost immune system. Cannabis leaves contain vitamin C, folate, potassium, zinc, iron and phosphorus that helps repair cells and boost the immune system. Research has shown that it has antiviral and antimicrobial properties that help the body fight infection, and protect against harmful bacteria.
  • Repair damaged cells. Cannabis is high in antioxidants that help counteract oxidative damage bought about by free radicals in the body. This damage is believed to be the drivers of aging and many other diseases, including cancer. Cannaflavins and chlorophyll are two antioxidants found in cannabis.
  • Weight loss. Because cannabis is high in fiber and low in calories, they give a significant bulk in the meal, which can help your digestive system and make you feel full more quickly and for longer.


Indeed, cannabis offers so many benefits that can make us look and feel healthier inside and out. Just make sure that you are using fresh and high quality cannabis leaves, and to consume it in moderate amounts. If you want, talk to an expert to learn more about juicing cannabis. Try out cannabis juice and see the wonders that it can do for your health!


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