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Rehydrate Your Cannabis Buds

How to Rehydrate Your Cannabis Buds

A cannabis flower should have a certain level of moisture to give you an optimal experience. moisture affects aroma, flavor, potency and overall health of a bud. If it is too moist, it may develop mold and harm you. On the other hand, if it is too dry, it will lack potency and flavor, and it will burn too fast. Having the ideal moisture content prevents these problems from happening, and give your cannabis the flavor, effects and smoke that you want.

Sometimes, though, despite your efforts at maintaining the right level of moisture, you may find yourself with some dried out buds. If you find yourself in this situation, there are some methods you can do rehydrate your stash. Basically, you need to get moisture back to your buds by transferring water from one element to another. To do this, increase the humidity in the container so the cannabis can absorb some of the moisture.


Orange, Lime or Lemon Peels

These peels are commonly used to rehydrate cannabis, all the while adding a unique flavor to your buds. Place a peel of your preferred fruit in an airtight glass container with your buds, making sure that it is not touching your cannabis. Check every few hours until it reaches your desired moisture level.


Apples, Bananas and Lettuce

Banana peels work the same way as the other fruit peels. Just check it more often as they contain more moisture and will rehydrate the buds faster. They also transfer the taste to the buds. Apple peels and lettuce, on the other hand, are slower acting and transfer less taste compared to the other fruits.


Fresh Weed and Dry Weed Combo

If you have fresh and moist buds on hand, you can put a few pieces in a container along with your dry stash to transfer some of the formers moisture to the latter. As a bonus, the dry cannabis can get some of the aroma and taste of the moist cannabis without every affecting its source.


Cloth and Paper Towels

There are two methods to using these materials for cannabis rehydration. First, put a moist paper towel or cloth in a plastic bag with small holes in it and put beside the dried buds in its container. Another method is to take the paper towel or cloth and lay it over the container before closing it.


Homemade Humidifier

There are specialized cannabis humidors you can purchase for storing your buds, but you can also make your own. Take some damp cotton wool and wrap it in a tinfoil sheet with holes in it and place inside the cannabis container along with your stash. Check the moisture after 24 hours to ensure that you are on the right track.


Cotton Balls and Q-Tips

You can use practically anything that can hold moisture to rehydrate your buds, and that includes cotton balls and Q-tips lightly dipped in distilled water. One wet cotton ball or Q-tip should be enough, and put it along with your cannabis in an airtight container, making sure that they are not touching each other.


Stove Top Steaming

Fill a pot with distilled water and allow it to boil on the stove. Remove the pot from the heat source and put a cloth over the pot. Place your dehydrated buds on top of the cloth and let the steam do the work, turning the buds over regularly until the desired moisture is achieved. It should take about 20 to 60 minutes to rehydrate your cannabis.


Make sure to use distilled water for the rehydration process to ensure that it is free from impurities. If you use organic materials, never leave them in the sealed cannabis container for long periods of time to prevent mold issues. Consume rehydrated cannabis buds as soon as possible.

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