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Does Cbd Oil Help in Reducing Blood Pressure?

CBD is one of nature’s miracle compounds. With a host of medicinal benefits that target several bodily systems, it can help bring about true healing by focusing on the root cause of certain issues. High blood pressure is one such issue that’s prevalent across society. 


If you’re currently living with it, and want to buy CBD oil online in Canada, then here’s what you need to know about a new and promising potential treatment for the condition.


What Is Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure refers to the pressure behind blood in our veins. It tends to rise and fall within a standard range during the day as we respond to physical, environmental and emotional changes. When it exceeds the limit of this range for a period, it can lead to cardiovascular disease. 


Blood pressure is also known as hypertension. Despite widespread efforts to raise awareness of its potential dangers, it continues to affect one in four Canadians and is one of the leading causes of death globally.


Treating High Blood Pressure

Pharmaceutical intervention is by far the most common societal approach to treating high blood pressure. As with many forms of pharmaceuticals, they often lead to unintended side effects, which often include electrolyte imbalances, fatigue, dizziness, muscle weakness, and sometimes impotence.


While diet and lifestyle changes can often help reverse the condition, the evidence suggests that many people struggle to commit to what is essentially a lifetime dedication to healthy living. As a result, a third alternative that many of those affected are coming to embrace is CBD oil.


CBD Oil and High Blood Pressure

Scientific research shows that CBD oil can help lower blood pressure in humans. 


There are several factors that can contribute to high blood pressure, and stress is often cited as one of the significant contributors. CBD is one of nature’s wonders and works in a variety of ways that may contribute to lowering blood pressure. 


  • CBD is a vasodilator. It serves to open blood vessels and improve the flow of blood that’s often disrupted due to vasoconstriction.
  • CBD acts as a hemodynamic regulator, meaning that it normalizes the flow of blood and decreases pressure on the arteries.
  • CBD is also a potent anti-inflammatory. Rampant inflammation due to an unhealthy lifestyle is often one of the contributing factors in high blood pressure, and CBD can help quell this underlying inflammation.
  • CBD helps relieve anxiety and stress. It’s one of the best-known and most widely accepted functions of CBD in the human body. Stress lies at the heart of many modern diseases and has a known link to high blood pressure.


What Does The Science Say About CBD Oil and Hypertension? 


Several published studies have investigated the link between CBD oil and hypertension. One study involving the role of CBD in reducing blood pressure in healthy adults found that even a single dose of CBD reduced blood pressure in a healthy group of male volunteers. 


After observing the reduction in blood pressure, researchers then exposed them to different stressors that included exercise and cold. Under normal circumstances, these stressors should result in an increase in blood pressure, but in the study, researchers noted that the subjects who consumed CBD experienced a lower increase in blood pressure than otherwise expected.


Researchers concluded that CBD may be effective at both reducing blood pressure and in reducing its rate of increase among subjects when exposed to stressors. 


In an attempt to quantify the effects of stress, one study looked at how differing CBD doses of 150 mg, 300 mg, and 600 mg affected anxiety levels. Researchers quantified anxiety levels in the study by measuring vital signs, including heart rate and blood pressure.


Researchers noted the most significant reduction in anxiety and blood pressure with a dose of 300 mg of CBD. As with many forms of medication, more is not always better, as those administered a 300 mg dose in the study experienced greater relief than those who consumed the 600 mg dose.


Are There Any Downsides to Using CBD Oil to Treat Hypertension?


While many of the early studies carried out on the role of CBD in treating hypertension sound promising, these studies number relatively few. The scientific community is currently unwilling to accept that CBD is effective at lowering blood pressure for various reasons, one of which relates to the long term consequences of its use in reducing hypertension.


Another area of concern for the scientific community is the compatibility of CBD oil as a treatment in conjunction with other conventional treatments. 


There is evidence that suggests that blood pressure can sometimes drop too low in some individuals after consuming cannabis oil. This is particularly common in full-spectrum oil extracts that preserve the entire range of plant compounds, including THC. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis, and science shows that it can also lower blood pressure.


Using CBD to Treat High Blood Pressure

If you’re afflicted by high blood pressure, then CBD oil may help, although it’s essential to be aware of its synergies between other compounds and medications. Always consult with your medical practitioner if your blood pressure levels are dangerously high before embracing CBD oil in place of other conventional treatments. 


While the scientific literature on the interactions between CBD and blood pressure is undoubtedly positive, science still has a way to go before patients should blindly embrace it over alternate methods.


Aside from CBD oil, there are several other natural ways to lower blood pressure if your levels are currently elevated. Many of these revolve around lifestyle choices and include eating a healthier diet free from oxidized fats, a stress management plan to lower all-round stress in your life, regular exercise, and decreasing or eliminating your consumption of tobacco and alcohol.


Buy CBD Oil Online in Canada

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