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Top 10 Destinations in Canada Adored by Cannabis Lovers

Top 10 Destinations in Canada Adored by Cannabis Lovers

Following Canada’s legalization of Cannabis a few years ago, this country has become a more popular tourist destination than ever before. But before you hop on a plane for a Canadian cannabis tour, you might want to know some of the best places to visit. Aside from enjoying the country’s unique marijuana culture, tourists can also marvel at all the beautiful sights and sounds that Canada has to offer. Here are the top 10 destinations in the country adored by cannabis lovers.


  1. Toronto

    Otherwise known as “Canada’s New York City,” this is one of the most metropolitan areas of the country. It is home of the largest Global Marijuana March in the world as well as the famous Hillside Music Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival.

  2. Vancouver

    If you find yourself in Vancouver, make sure that you visit the New Amsterdam Café and smoke to your heart’s content in a fun and authentic environment. Make sure to also check out Shambal for exciting music and the Storm Crow Tavern for alcohol and board games.

  3. Calgary

    This quintessential Canadian city is home to one of the premier dispensaries in the city, the Queen of Bud. After enjoying your favorite cannabis strain, visit the Calgary Zoo which boasts a diverse animal popular and an impressive breeding program, as well as the Calgary Stampede where you can take in a rodeo.

  4. Montreal

    The fusion of European architecture and French culture make Montreal visually stunning. Get your hands on some high quality marijuana and take a trip through the Biodome where you can explore four different ecosystems. For something to eat, head to Bar Brutus and enjoy a salty treat.

  5. Ottawa

    Canada’s capital city is not only home to the Parliament, it also has numerous museums, including the National Gallery of Canada, the Canadian War Museum and the Canadian Museum of History. Other attractions worth visiting are the Haunted Walk of Ottawa and the biggest winter festival Winterlude.

  6. Victoria

    Merely a short ferry ride from Vancouver is Victoria, which is home to a big student popular and a chill nightlife. Some of its must-visit places are the Butchard Gardens, Miniature World and the Craigdarroch Castle. After all these, go to the coast to catch a glimpse of orcas migrating nearby.

  7. Laval

    The city of Laval is teeming with things to see and do. After getting your marijuana, visit one of the five Space Camps located around the world and the city’s largest shopping mall Carrefour Laval. For thrill-seekers, you might enjoy taking trapeze lessons at the Trapeze Le Voltigeur.

  8. Saint-Eustache

    This town might be small, but it is chockfull of local charm with beautiful parks and flowers. Aside from its selection of top shelf marijuana products, it is home to a winery and a perfumery and lavender garden. Make sure that you visit the Mont Saint-Eustache and the House of Culture and Heritage.

  9. Notre-Dame-de-Grace

    Located a few miles from downtown Montreal, this neighborhood was once the home of Willian Shatner and Jay Baruchel. Visit the Shaika Café during the day for your coffee cravings, which transforms to a music and spoken word venue by night. Also venture into Monkland Village, which hosts festivals and outdoor performances all year long.

  10. Verdun

    Boasting high quality marijuana and an impressive organized delivery system, this Montreal neighborhood is a must-visit. It has lots of parks along the St. Lawrence River where you can stroll and enjoy your weed. also visit the Cha Noir Tea House for your afternoon tea.


And there you go. These are the ten best Canadian destinations worth visiting, along with some of the best activities you can do after you have enjoyed a smoke of your favorite cannabis strain.


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