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Travelling with Weed

Things to Keep in Mind While Travelling with Weed

The legalization of weed has made lots of progress over the last few years, but there are still some areas where it is considered illegal. Depending on where you are going and how you plan to get there, this can make travelling with weed a bit confusing. If you plan to travel from legal state to legal state, legal state to illegal state, or to a different country, the rules greatly vary on what you can and cannot bring.

Below is a breakdown of what to expect when you travel with weed, whether you are travelling automobile or by plane.


Driving with Weed

  • Have a discreet storage bag or box.

    If you decide to run the risk of travelling across state lines with weed, bring something to store it that is inconspicuous and easy to hide if necessary. You can find online cannabis stash bags specifically designed to mask smell, but you can get creative with it if you do not to spend too much for it.

  • Do not consume in the vehicle.

    Never do this especially if you are travelling through illegal states. As tempting as it may be, do not let your other passengers consume cannabis in the vehicle while travelling in illegal states. There are some states that can be a little too harsh with violators.

  • Less is more.

    When driving with cannabis, you face consequences that get worse the more weed you bring with you. It is better to bring a limited amount just enough for your travels, and look for places where you can get weed in your final destination. Do your research ahead of time.


Flying with Weed

  • Do not put your weed in your checked luggage.

    Checked bags run a higher risk of being randomly searched. Transporting your stash via carry-on comes with some amount of anxiety, but should your bag gets pulled over, you are present and aware of the situation.

  • Divide your stash.

    If you are nervous with the amount of weed you are carrying, divide your stash among your bags instead of putting all of them in one place. This way, if one of your bags are searched and the weed is confiscated, you still have some backup stash in your other bags.

  • Comply with TSA regulations.

    It can be easy to sneak a few grams of cannabis through TSA, but it becomes harder if your bag is pulled over because you packed a bottle of lotion. Ensure your carry on is organized so it only needs to go through the scanner. This way, you avoid any attention on your items.

  • Skip oils, topicals and tinctures.

    TSA is strict with transporting liquids so go with edibles, THC/CBD vape cartridges and flowers instead. Cartridges are very discreet and usually resemble pens, while edibles resemble cannabis the least. For as long as the smell is not too pungent, it can easily pass as an airport snack.

  • Know the laws when travelling international.

    Travelling internationally with cannabis runs you a higher risk of being in trouble. For instance, even though weed is federally legal in Canada, it is still illegal to transport the plant across the border without any authorization, even to another legal country.


Be aware of the tips above, and practice extra caution when traveling internationally. It might be wise to avoid flower and opt for cartridges and marijuana edibles instead. Alternatively, it might be better for you to do your research on the country when you will travel and determine if you can buy weed once you arrive.

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