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Are Medical Cannabis Edibles Dangerous to the Liver?

Many Canadians use cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Today, the popularity of marijuana is continuously growing. You can easily purchase online in BC and in many readily available dispensaries. Now that getting your own stash of weed is easier than ever, many people are wondering is marijuana edibles can overwork the liver. Because edibles are processed by the liver, can this potentially make them a bad choice? 


How are Cannabis Edibles Processed? 

 The livers play many important roles in the body. But its main responsibility is regulating the chemicals in the blood, filtering out any harmful toxins. Before you experience any psychoactive effects, cannabinoids are metabolized in the liver. Here, THC is broken down into smaller metabolites called 11-hydroxy-THC. The cannabinoids are metabolized by the liver before they enter the bloodstream. From here, they enter the brain, where the psychoactive effects then take place. 


Are Cannabis Edibles Dangerous? 

 There really is no definitive answer on whether marijuana is dangerous to the liver because studies are still very limited and are at early stages. A 2018 research found that marijuana is actually beneficial for people with liver disorders. Still, experts insist that additional testing is needed to better understand the full effects of weed on the liver. 

 One potential danger with ingesting cannabis is that it can negatively react with medications you are currently taking. Remember that cannabinoids are metabolized in the liver, and are therefore metabolized along with medicines. Cannabinoids can interact with other drugs. In fact, CBD has found to interact with clobazam, Warfarin, sympathomimetics, and central nervous system depressants, among others. 

 Just how negative are these interactions? These interactions can vary, but it should be noted that more research is still needed to come up with a clearer answer. Until more definitive studies are done, it is important to first seek the advice if your health provider if you are currently taking other medicines. 


Current Research on Cannabis and the Liver 

 There is not enough data on the effect of marijuana on healthy livers, since majority of the studies done so far are animal tested. There is, however, some data on livers that are already compromised because of some kind of issue. Again, a danger can only present itself once edibles are mixed with other medications intended to aid in certain liver conditions. 

 While research has gone back and forth with no definitive conclusion, it appears like there may be some benefits to consuming marijuana for certain liver issues like HIV, chronic hepatitis C, hepatic encephalopathy, hepatic fibrosis, psychosis-related steatosis, and alcoholic and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. 


Buying BC Marijuana Edibles Online 

 Today, it is incredibly easy to but edibles online in BC. Whether you intend to use it for recreational or medical purposes, you can find lots of products for choose from to suit your individual needs. Just do some research if you have any concerns about weed affecting your liver health. Talk to your doctor to help you decide on the best course of action. 

 The effect of marijuana on liver health is slowly gaining traction, making it an attraction area for further research. Still, most available data today suggest that edibles are not damaging to the liver cells. If anything, we are seeing a rise of positive results between cannabis and the human liver. We can only expect to see more in the future.  


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