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Is medical marijuana a safe and effective medicine?

The number of Canadians with medical cannabis cards is continuing to grow. Worldwide cannabis laws are changing. And there is a growing enthusiasm and confidence in using marijuana to treat a myriad of medical conditions. But, is it safe?

It’s historically documented that medicinal marijuana has helped countless people suffering from debilitating diseases and disorders like psoriasis and chronic back pain. Today, many doctors continue to prescribe cannabis for treatment of a variety of health conditions. If medical science continues to view it as a reliable option then perhaps we should hold the same faith.

The marijuana plant is a naturally occurring medication that predates modern prescription and over the counter remedies. In fact, it has a long history of being used as medicine dating all the way back to 500 BC in Central Asia. For this reason alone many adherents and medical professionals believe it is superior to other treatments. Plus, it is a far safer medicine than many other common options like addictive opiates.

What makes medical marijuana so special? It’s effective. Suffers of various conditions find marijuana to be a successful means to enhance their moods, be provided relief and have minimal side effects. With the ease of being able to buy medical marijuana online in Canada you can find just about any way to achieve the benefits. Cannabis products can be consumed, smoked, vaped, applied sublingually and more. Check out the selection at Top BC Cannabis to find the option that best suits you.

Does Science Say Cannabis is Safe?


Before determining if cannabis is safe it is important to have a better understanding of it. In its natural form marijuana has approximately 100 active components also called cannabinoids. When extracted two of the most commonly used cannabinoids for medicinal applications are THC and CBD.

One of the key components and perhaps the most well-known contributor to mood alterations is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Scientists have long known that THC is the central medicinal component of cannabis. 

What makes THC so important? It is the psychoactive compound which interacts with the brain to illicit mood changes and mind-altering effects. With this in mind, higher concentrations of THC can produce a greater possibility of side effects (i.e. – drowsiness, fatigue). So it is important to take THC in controlled doses depending on the desired results. Measured dose THC products are readily available through online retailers like Top BC Cannabis.

The efficacy and importance of cannabis to medical science has enabled medications to be developed and approved in various places around the world. This has given patients safer options to access the plant’s medicinal properties in more controlled doses. In these medications THC is sometimes combined or replaced with another naturally occurring chemical, with very similar chemical properties, called CBD or cannabidiol. 

CBD is sometimes known as “marijuana without the high.” Cannabidiol: A Review of Its Safety for Human Consumption conducted by the Medicinal Cannabis Research concluded that CBD is generally safe. When used as a chronic treatment the main side effect found was a feeling of sleepiness. Not exactly a big problem if you need rest to recover as well!

What Medical Conditions is Medical Marijuana Effective for?

It’s been shown in many controlled scientific studies that cannabis can reduce the adverse effects on health related illnesses, such as nausea. It can also stimulate hunger in patients who lack appetites. Patients exhibit mood alterations which range from relaxed, sleepy, happy, hungry to euphoric.

In fact people buy medical marijuana online in Canada for all different conditions but the main reason is they find it useful. In 2020, the most common reasons Canadians used medical marijuana include: anxiety, depression and insomnia. While not all medical conditions have a direct link to the efficacy of marijuana as a treatment there is enough resounding evidence to see clear results in some well-researched areas.

According to a report on the current state of evidence of the therapeutic health effects of cannabis and cannabinoids there is conclusive and substantial evidence that:


  1. Cannabis is an effective treatment of chronic pain for adults.
  2. Oral cannabinoids can treat nausea and vomiting that is induced by chemotherapy treatments.
  3. Administering oral cannabinoids effectively improves abnormal muscle stiffness and tone in patients with multiple sclerosis.

Let’s explore how effective medical cannabis is in treating these.

Chronic Pain


From the perspective of a sufferer of chronic pain medical marijuana is a winner. This is the most common use of medical cannabis. For chronic pain relief cannabis and cannabinoids have been proven in numerous studies around the world to work. Most studies emphasize the efficacy in patients with lower grade, chronic pain. A higher threshold pain such as that experienced with physical trauma shows less efficacy but may still be recommended.

According to surveys conducted for the Chronic Pain Patients’ Perspectives of Medical Cannabis, a group of Australians indicated that cannabis provided “great relief” (55%) or “good relief” (45%) from pain. And three-quarters of UK dispensary members reported that cannabis was more effective than their prescribed medications.


Chemotherapy for Cancer Patients

The medicines that treat cancer can carry unwanted side effects such as nausea and vomiting. CBD is a natural antiemetic that cancer patients can use in conjunction with their treatments to ward off these unpleasant feelings. This has been proven so effective that a number of synthetic cannabinoid products have been approved and marketed around the world for this exact reason.


Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a complicated disease impacting the brain and spinal cord. A chief symptom of MS is spasticity. This shows muscle tightness in which spasms can cause pain and loss of body control. The MS Society in the UK in a July 2017 report stated that their medical advisers believed cannabis could aid in pain management and muscle spasms. There have been several reports and clinical research that support this since.

Are There any Risks to Buying Medical Marijuana Online in Canada? 


In general the main risk is taking too high of a dose leading to undesired side effects. Side effects could include: dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, anxiousness or paranoia. Cannabis has a low toxicity and there are no conclusive results that using medicinal marijuana leads to long term health implications.

CBD and THC hold very similar medically beneficial properties. Both can relieve similar conditions. The main point of difference is CBD doesn’t cause the same mind altering effects as THC. This is why some people may view CBD as having less side effects due to the lack of psychoactive properties which are found in THC.

In certain forms it can be difficult to take a controlled dosage due to differing strains of cannabinoids. This is why it is recommended to purchase in predetermined quantities, especially with THC. Recommended dosages can be found through a dispensary such as Top BC Cannabis when buying medical marijuana online in Canada.


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