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How Does It Feel to Meditate with Cannabis?

How Does It Feel to Meditate with Cannabis?

Many health practitioners believe that frequent medication reduces stress and improves overall health. This is a practice that humans have engaged for thousands of years, with evidence dating all the way back to 5000 BC. In South Asia, several religious sects have introduced cannabis into their meditation rituals. They believe that combining these two brings heightened awareness, slowing the mind and helping it center the right state of profound stillness.


Combining Marijuana and Meditation

The effects of cannabis are grounding, and it gives an avenue for increasing consciousness. Complete body relaxation and mind elevation is the perfect combination to achieve effective meditation. In practice, many people fail to sufficiently relax the body or quiet the mind enough during meditation. With the right dosage and administration, the right cannabis strain can slow you down, calm your body and quiet your frantic mind, giving you the best state of relaxation. Take note, though, that people are different, so you have to experiment with various strains to determine the ones that work for you best.


Best Cannabis Strains for Meditation

Your medication experience will heavily depend on the strain you pick. We all have a personal preference, and finding yours will involve some experimenting. Sativa and sativa-dominant strains have more motivating, focusing and energizing effects, making them ideal for daytime use. On the other hand, indicas are more sedating and relaxing, which many assume is the best option for medication. However, there is no guarantee that an indica strain will cause sedation, and a sativa will invigorate you.


It appears that the full plant profile should be considered to determine a particular strain’s effects, including terpenes and other cannabinoids. Because CBD and THC Are the most popular cannabinoids, many research focus on them. However, we are seeing a growing body of evidence saying terpene content matters. Cannabis has a different effect on different people, so try a strain and see how it affects you. If you feel energized after it, it might be wise to try another one that offers you relaxation.


Marijuana Enhances Your Meditation

Weed interacts with every person’s endocannabinoid system in a different way. Because of this, there are various ways that it can enhance the meditative process. For some people, cannabis merely relaxes their muscles and puts them in a couch lock. For others, it quiets their overactive mind. There are even people where weed brings situational perspective into personal life experiences. Cannabis can make people relax, gain insight and go deeper spiritually, which are the desired outcomes of a meditative session. By combining the two, insightful perspective, spiritual enlightenment and relaxation are amplified.


Consuming Cannabis for Meditating

There are several ways to consume marijuana. While all of them work, smoking or vaping marijuana with some blended herbs have been found as the best option for meditation. Edibles can take a couple of hours to kick in, and not everyone is patient enough to wait. With vaping, users can microdose and find their precisely find their desired state of consciousness, which should be helpful for newbies or those with low tolerance levels. Meanwhile, for experienced users, is preferable. This is the fastest delivery method and offers the fastest onset of effects, so you can get in the zone quicker.


Ancient civilizations and religions use marijuana for yoga and meditation purposes. Cannabis plays a crucial part in tantric Buddhism today, particularly in deep meditative rituals for increased spiritual awareness. Today, more people are using meditation for enlightenment, spiritual awakening and health. Its benefits truly cannot be denied. In many places, people are taking deep breaths, lighting a joint and meditating in silence.




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