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What Are Short-term & Long-term Health Benefits of Smoking Marijuana?

With your mail order marijuana now on its way from an online dispensary in Canada, you have some questions. What are the short term benefits you can expect from smoking medical marijuana? What about the long term value of consistent daily use? 

The study of medical cannabis is relatively new, but we already know enough to draw some tentative conclusions about this plant’s therapeutic value. It ranges from short term treatment of migraines and headaches to long term value for chronic pain. It can stimulate appetite a few minutes following dosing, or reduce lingering inflammation from a chronic disease. 

While value for the treatment of illness and disease is still under intense investigation, that hasn’t stopped hundreds of thousands of Canadians from relying on it daily.

What are the Myths About Smoking Marijuana?

Is smoking cannabis bad for lung health? Does it cause cancer? We’ve all grown up in a world where the dangers of long term cigarette smoke are clear. Cigarettes cause cancer by depleting the immune system and damaging the very structure of your DNA. 

But what about smoking marijuana? Does cannabis smoke also do damage?

Cigarettes contain hundreds of harmful ingredients, well beyond the natural tobacco leaf. These include hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde, lead, and arsenic. Cannabis contains zero toxic chemicals. It’s all-natural, and despite decades of research has never been linked to respiratory disease, including lung or mouth cancer. Smoking cannabis is a safe route of administration, provided you do not have a preexisting respiratory condition.

The other myth worth addressing is the risk of addiction. For years politicians labeled weed as an addictive substance. It was the gateway drug. With cannabis now legal in Canada, society has busted this myth of addiction. In a comparison between all common illicit and legal substances, cannabis is safer than meth, crack, cigarettes, and even alcohol. Cannabis, unlike all these other drugs, is medicinal.

What Are the Short Term Benefits of Smoking Marijuana?

Enough with the myths about smoking marijuana, you’ve just bought mail order marijuana for the first time in Canada, and you are curious about the short term benefits. 

Smoking cannabis is ideal for acute issues because the benefits kick in within minutes after lighting up. It’s also useful for maintenance dosing throughout the day because each puff is a small, relatively consistent dose.

While the short term benefits of smoking cannabis will largely depend on the cannabinoid profile (how much THC and CBD), here are some of the most common reasons why patients use medical marijuana for acute treatment.

  • Headaches and Migraines

Perhaps one of the most challenging types of pain to treat, headaches, and migraines may come on without warning at the most frustrating times. Many patients report cannabis helps, and the research supports the plant’s ability to reduce pain and tension. According to one study, “Inhaled cannabis reduces self-reported headache severity by 47.3% and migraine severity by 49.6%.”

  • Insomnia

Roughly 25 percent of Americans experience insomnia annually. It’s a widespread condition, and it’s why many people now buy mail order cannabis online in Canada. Indica strains like Master Pink and White Rhino are perfect nightcaps to speed up the onset of sleep and prevent disruptions once you are asleep. CBD sleep tinctures are another option, non-intoxicating, but still a powerful sleep aid.

  • Anxiety

Stress and anxiety impact more than three million Canadians. Patient surveys tell us it’s also the primary reason why people smoke high CBD cannabis. Studies indicate that cannabis rich in this non-intoxicating cannabinoid can reduce daily stress, and help with anxiety.

What are the Long Term Benefits of Smoking Marijuana?

Daily dosing provides all the benefits listed above but goes deeper into the endocannabinoid system for long term value. Many people maintain a consistent daily dose for inflammation, cancer, and other chronic conditions. Rick Simpson, the pioneer of Rick Simpson Oil (a high concentrate extraction), has maintained his potent daily dose for decades to prevent the return of cancer.

  • Anti-tumoral

People have long used cannabis for cancer treatment, but the research is still in the early phases. Simpson claims he cured his cancer through the power of a strong daily dose of medical marijuana, but we need more research to reach this conclusion officially. Still, the early evidence tells us that many cannabinoids help reduce cancer cell movement, promote cancer cell suicide, and slow growth in general.

  • Anti Inflammatory

Many cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, have anti-inflammatory properties. Strains rich in CBD, are extremely popular among all demographics for the treatment of sore joints, stiff muscles, and the aches and pains of arthritis. Clinical trials are underway for the use of CBD in arthritis. 

  • Chronic Pain

The first response to chronic pain is typically an opioid prescription, but this has led to the crisis we are witnessing today. Opioids are highly addictive and have a high risk of tolerance development. The second dose is never as effective as the first. Cannabis, on the other hand, is not deadly, no matter the dose, and has a much lower risk profile. While it’s possible to develop a tolerance, it’s also easy to reduce it again. It is just as effective for chronic pain management, and much better for long term use.

Are There any Risks from Smoking Marijuana?

All medicines come with risks, but some are lower than others. Cannabis is a relatively well-tolerated and low-risk option, but if you choose to light up, you should also read up on the potential risks.

  • Acute Marijuana Intoxication: It is impossible to die from an overdose of THC, but in large doses, it can trigger a very uncomfortable experience commonly known as greening out. It should naturally dissipate after a few hours. 
  • Chronic Bronchitis: Smoking anything, even medicinally valuable plants, will bring small organic particulates into your lungs. Over time, smoke contributes to an increase in phlegm production and bronchial issues. Chronic smokers may develop bronchitis, but this respiratory issue dissipates when you stop smoking.
  • Psychosis: Some people are at risk of psychosis following the consumption of THC, especially large doses. Many feel it may be a genetic or environmental predisposition, highlighted by THC. Should you have a history with psychosis or schizophrenia in your family, its best to stick with CBD strains.

Addiction: By most reasonable estimates, 10 percent of people develop an addiction to cannabis known as cannabis use disorder. Although, as the Guardian explained, “In almost all cases, the possible consequences of marijuana addiction aren’t viscerally awful like an opioid overdose or a tobacco-related illness.”

Most patients will find that buying mail-order marijuana in Canada, doesn’t lead to any of these risks. The side effect profile is extremely mild. With cannabis, side effects may include red eyes and dry mouth but rarely leads to any more serious long term impacts. Still, take these risks into considerations and adjust your dose as needed.

Short Term and Long Term Benefits of Mail Order Marijuana in Canada

Buying weed online for medical use is immediately useful because it saves time and money: no commutes, no price gauges, and no reason to leave your house. Plus, you’ll find a better selection of indica, sativa, tinctures, edibles, and more online, then you will off. 

What are the long term benefits of mail order cannabis? Smoking medical marijuana provides long term relief of many chronic health issues, like pain, inflammatory diseases, and cancers. Buying online lets you shop around and find the best options for your condition at the most affordable price.

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