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How Does CBD Affect Your Brain and Body?

Everyone and their dog (yes, really their dog) seems to be taking cannabidiol (CBD) for health benefits. Until only a few years ago, many people had never heard about this little cannabis-derived cannabinoid. Even today, you might have heard about CBD, but don’t understand the details. 


This guide aims to tell you where to buy CBD oil online in Canada, but also the essential facts: what is CBD, where does it come from, and how does it affect your brain and body.


The Basics of CBD


Feel free to read ahead if you are already a CBD expert, but many folks still don’t know the basics of what CBD is and where it comes from (even if they have used it). Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound called a cannabinoid that is produced by cannabis. The species Cannabis sativa L. produces hundreds of medicinally interesting compounds, which includes cannabinoids.


There are over a hundred known cannabinoids, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD. If you know anything about marijuana, then you might know a thing or two about THC. This is the cannabinoid responsible for the intoxicating high. The euphoric, mind-altering, giggly high you get from smoke weed is from this single compound. 


CBD and the other hundred or so cannabinoids are non-intoxicating. No matter how much CBD you smoke, eat, or vape, you’ll never feel stoned. Plus, CBD is legal because it doesn’t have to come from marijuana. Hemp, another species of Cannabis sativa L, also produces significant amounts of CBD, but without measurable THC levels. This makes hemp-derived CBD readily available, totally legal, and more affordable than other cannabis-compounds.


CBD Effects Are All About the Endocannabinoid System


So, where do all the effects of CBD come from? The human body has a unique relationship with cannabinoids like CBD. This relationship is thanks to a newly discovered system called the endocannabinoid system. 


Alongside other critical systems that make your body tick, the endocannabinoid system is integral to your health and wellbeing. But unlike your respiratory system, digestive system, and nervous system, we didn’t know anything about the endocannabinoid system until its discovery in the early 1990s. Researchers were looking into why we get stoned from cannabis when they accidentally stumbled on the endocannabinoid system.


This system is a body-wide network of receptors and naturally produced chemicals. Its role is to manage pain, mood, memory, appetite, inflammation, and so much more. It produces chemical transmissions (endocannabinoids) that activate the receptors (endocannabinoid receptors) to create a perfect balance when it is operating well. But like all systems, it can fall into a state of ill-health.


Surprisingly, the cannabinoids from marijuana also interact with the endocannabinoid system for similar effects. Cannabinoids like THC and CBD can turn these receptors on and off, just like those chemicals produced within our bodies. 


There are two different kinds of endocannabinoid receptors in the human body: CB1 and CB2. The CB1 receptors exist primarily in the brain and central nervous system, while the CB2 receptors exist in the immune system, the skin, and organs. 


THC locks into the CB1 receptor like a hand fitting into a glove, CBD works with more nuance. It doesn’t fit into any receptor, but it does seem to influence their activity. Because CBD is non-intoxicating, it has powerful medicinal benefits by its work within the endocannabinoid system


How Does CBD Affect Your Brain?




For almost a decade, researchers have been studying CBD for its ability to reduce anxiety. In one of the most recent studies, researchers worked with 18 and 19-year-old Japanese students with social anxiety and avoidant personality disorder. In this 2019 study, scientists gave one group CBD and the other a placebo. 


After four weeks of daily treatment, the authors compiled the results and concluded, “CBD significantly decreased anxiety measured by both scales. The results indicate that CBD could be a useful option to treat social anxiety.”



Cannabidiol has a fascinating relationship with psychosis, even when triggered by too much THC. Did you know CBD helps release the connection between THC and the CB1 receptors in the human brain? This action helps reduce the strength and duration of a THC high. Scientists are now studying CBD for other kinds of psychosis and psychiatric disorders.


According to the Psychiatric Times, there have already been three clinical studies of CBD for psychosis. One of these studies determined that CBD was just as effective as a conventional drug for treating psychosis, and notably had fewer side effects,

How Does CBD Affect the Body?


Reduce Symptoms of Arthritis

One of CBD’s most established medicinal benefits is its anti-inflammatory powers. In an overactive inflammatory response, CBD can gently reduce the inflammation back to normal levels. 


Several animal studies exploring CBD for different types of arthritis have determined it’s immense potential. For example, in a model with a mouse model of arthritis, CBD treated mice experienced a significant slowdown in disease progression. In another study, CBD effectively improved the condition in mice who already had the disease.


Relief of Digestive Issues


Also related to CBD’s ability to improve inflammation, scientists are studying CBD for gastrointestinal issues. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for several operations within the digestive system, including motility, appetite, and inflammatory response. 


According to preliminary work and many reports from patients, CBD makes digestion easier. Through its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD reduces the signs of inflammatory bowel disease and other autoimmune conditions. Other studies suggest CBD improves motility, which is the movement of the bowels to push your food through the intestines. Plus, CBD could reduce the production of gastric acids.


Where to Buy CBD Oil Online in Canada?


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CBD infused edibles like Mota’s CBD honey and White Chocolate Cube are a tasty alternative to tinctures and oils. CBD also has powerful benefits when used topically, which is why we offer CBD-infused lip balm. No matter what CBD infusion you are into, where to buy CBD oil in Canada starts with Top BC Cannabis.


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