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Why is B.C. Bud the Freshest?

Why is B.C. Bud the Freshest?

Have you ever heard of B.C. Bud? There’s a good chance that you have. While there are many places that are known for cannabis consumption, some outliers have begun to break away from the pack. Colorado was instrumental in the beginning of Cannabis legalization, and were followed by many U.S. states. There are other countries known for cannabis growth however, there are unique strains coming out of Africa, out of the U.K., and Canada too.

There is no question that when you purchase cannabis from a British Columbia grower that you’re getting a quality product. ‘B.C. Bud’ has developed a reputation as some of the best cannabis in the world. Why is it that B.C. Bud has made a name for itself as some of the freshest bud around? This article seeks to explain how B.C. manages to grow some of the most potent cannabis on Earth, and what that means in today’s cannabis culture.

There are many different factors contributing to B.C.’s reputation for growing killer kush. It is the combination of these multiple variables working together that gives B.C. Bud it’s unique character. Consider Champagne, only champagne from Champagne, France, is considered true champagne. The same is true of B.C. grown cannabis. The unique weather systems, grower knowledge, and freedom to grow has resulted in magnificent contributions to the marijuana world at large.

According to (1) in the 1960s, thousands of folks from California, Oregon, Washington, and other states who were avoiding the Vietnam war draft ended up seeking refuge in Canada. Marijuana was already beginning to grow in popularity in the United States and people had begun to incorporate its many benefits into their lifestyle even then. Many of them brought with them seeds from the plants they had been previously cultivating. These immigrants began what is now known as the B.C. Cannabis industry. These early cannabis growers began the industry on inexpensive, densely forested acreages, far away from the prying eyes of law enforcement which surely would have destroyed what was, at the time, an illegal crop. Luckily for our first generation growers, B.C.’s mountainous, densely forested geography provided ample cover for renegade farmers seeking to grow the miracle crop. Over the years, these growers experimented with various different strains, finding that they were able to grow cannabis surprisingly well here. There are a variety of factors that contribute to that growth.

The most important factor for growing large amounts of cannabis is the climate in which you grow it. Before indoor-growing technology was so advanced, cultivators had to rely on outdoor operations. This would be impossible in certain places, but BC’s climate is less harsh than other Canadian provinces or territories. There are multiple areas in B.C. which are considered ‘Banana Belt’ areas. These areas have a higher average temperature than Canada at large. The extra sunlight in these areas, combined with the added warmth, is ideal for growing crops, particularly cannabis. B.C. plays host to a variety of orchards, nurseries, and grow-ops. Furthermore, these sunny areas are peppered throughout southern B.C. in isolated pockets, with large areas of forested land in between. This leads growers to independently work and develop. This natural diversity of micro-climates happens to be perfect for growing cannabis, leading to healthy plant growth, large leafy plants and gigantic flowers.

The climate is also relatively unspoiled and pure, with fresh water and clean soil owing to the relatively virgin nature of the land. Land could also be acquired inexpensively once upon a time, leading many old families to acquire massive properties. These growers created vast swaths of cannabis crops to supply themselves with income and keep their days bright and cheery. Over time, clever growers picked and chose their favorite strains and developed many desirable characteristics: excellent flavors, dense buds, high THC content. This lead to the creation of some of today’s most incredible award-winning strains such as the legendary God Bud, Rockstar, and Nuken strains.

B.C. has always been a wild land. The scarcity of people combined with the abundance of property, unspoilt land and freedom, led to an explosion in cannabis culture. This cannabis culture has permeated today, with the country-wide legalization of cannabis. This is the beginning of a new age of B.C. weed; which shows much promise. The advent of indoor growing coupled with the ubiquitousness of the internet and sharing of technology has allowed modern growers to share and create extremely efficient and closed systems for growing cannabis. These efficient indoor systems are even better than outdoor fields as they are less susceptible to pests and the trichomes are not subjected to the environment which can damage them (wind, rainfall, environmental damage, etc..) The indoor systems have led to even more potent strains, and there is always more room for improvement.

There are also significant amount of pot smokers in B.C. As many as one in five British Columbians have at least tried it. (2) states that “…BC has one of the highest proportions of cannabis users in the country with 20% of the province’s population admitting they have consumed pot in the past three months..” so it’s not a huge surprise that BC is leading the way in quality cannabis. People in BC consume a lot of cannabis so the supply must grow to meet the demand. The growers in BC have benefitted from literal decades of experience, and now the fruits of their labor are beginning to reach worldwide.

As B.C. is quickly becoming synonymous with marijuana production, the Canadian cannabis industry is keeping an eye on anything that comes out of this strange little corner of Earth. The old-school-turned-new-school strains coupled with a few decades of development have led to great strides in marijuana genetics, as well as brought a new industry to the forefront of today’s world. There will surely be many new strains and flavors coming out of B.C., quality in every respect. The rich history of B.C.’s cannabis industry is reflected in a high standard of products with a healthy variety of choices. There will surely be many eyes trained on British Columbia in the coming months as the newly-forming cannabis industry continues to change and grow.


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