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What’s the Best Concentrate to Use in a Vape Pen?

What’s the biggest advantage vaping has over smoking cannabis? Temperature control.

Vaping explores cannabis flavors in a way other methods can’t, by the ability to control temperature with more precision. This is advantageous because smoking can create temperatures that are so high the subtle flavors of the strain can be lost.

Each terpene and cannabinoid has a unique boiling point. This means that concentrates are best vaped at a specific temperature, which is really dependent on the chemical properties. Therefore, the tastiest weed concentrates in Canada to vape have a high terpene content.

Explore Terpenes Further

There are more than 100 terpenes found in the cannabis plant. These chemical compounds are responsible for the distinct flavor and aroma that each strain has. Terpenes are found in other plants too, such as fruits.

If you like Lemon Haze because of the citrus characteristics, this is thanks to the terpene called limoncene. This is the same terpene found in citrus oil and is also one of the most commonly found terpenes in cannabis. 

In order to enjoy a certain strain’s flavor profile to the fullest, it’s recommended to try it in concentrate form through a vape. Straightaway you’ll notice how bold these tastes present themselves compared to other methods of consumption.

Terpenes are purported to have therapeutic properties. If you consume an extract without terps, you may be missing out on the complete package. And if you’re a medicinal user this is especially important.

Three types of concentrates are well-known and popular due to their high terpene count. These are: sauce, live resin, and rosin.

High-Terpene Full-Spectrum Extract (Sauce)

High-terpene full-Spectrum extract (HTFSE) is exactly what it’s name states. If you want a concentrate that is full spectrum and composed of a high percentage of terpenes, then look no further.

HTFSE is sometimes called “sauce” or “terp sauce.” Its liquid form has a high viscosity and translucent appearance and contains a high concentration of both terpenes and cannabinoids. Most lab results show HTFSE with approximately 50 percent THCA and about 40 percent terpene content.

Live Resin

Another popular full-spectrum extract is live resin. Typically live resin has more of the original cannabis flower’s terpenes than any other concentrate.

To make live resin, marijuana plant material is frozen straight away after harvest. This means the plant avoids curing and drying but still retains the full-spectrum benefits that are at their highest percentage when harvest first occurs.

Some people consider live resin to be classified as a HTFSE, similar to sauce. However, this really depends on the extraction method. Semantics aside, both live resin and sauce are solid choices that use a solvent.


Unlike the other two methods mentioned above, which use solvents such as butane, rosin is a solventless extract. In order to extract cannabinoids and terpenes, heat and pressure are used.

The best way to think of the process is like squeezing an orange to make orange juice. The extract is the juice, which is pure but not in its original form. However, the other two methods would be like using an orange juice concentrate with added preservative to create orange juice. Basically, rosin just lacks any impurities.

Choosing the Best Weed Concentrates in Canada

By far the best weed concentrates in Canada are ones that taste the best and have the most desired effects. For vape pens, sauce, live resin, and rosin are the obvious choices. Most dispensaries will stock these products, but if you are looking for a good selection, have a look here.

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