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What are the Benefits of Drinking Cannabis Tea?

Many people love tea and its different varieties. Even the conventional milk-based tea now has several spin-offs, from hibiscus tea, black tea, green, and chamomile tea, among many others. However, not everyone has heard of the goodness of CBD tea. For newbies, cannabis tea is also called marijuana tea, weed tea or pot tea. Its popularity is growing quickly around the world. This cannabis-infused drink involves steeping the cannabis plant in cold or hot water.

History of Cannabis Tea

CBD tea

Cannabis tea is believed to have originated in the Caribbean Island of Jamaica and India, and is popular for its medical benefits. Many pregnant mothers in Jamaica have used this infusion to cure morning sickness, and relieve nausea, anxiety and stress. In some countries, it is considered as safe and healthy substitute to smoking. It is gentler on the body compared to smoking cannabis. Cannabis tea also keeps the mind alert. CBD tea is also a great, edible beverage to use discreetly. Some people might have concerns about tasting weed in their tea, but this should not be a problem as cannabis teas do not strongly smell of cannabis.

Benefits of Cannabis Tea

  • Pain relief. This is perhaps one of the most research benefits of marijuana tea. THC is the active ingredient in cannabis that binds to the brain receptors like any other pain reliever, giving relief and comfort without the potentially dangerous side effects of pharmaceuticals. When it comes to pain relief, cannabis tea is used by people with extreme pain from chronic diseases.
  • Elevate mood. THC’s psychotropic activity in the body can have possible mood-boosting effects, reducing levels of stress and relieving anxiety. This can possibly help people struggling with depression and other chemical imbalances, as well as those who are unable to deal with stress.
  • Lower blood pressure. Cannabis tea can soothe and relax you, helping reduce stress and blood pressure. Marijuana can ease the tension in the arteries and blood vessels, calming down the body and lower stroke and heart attack list.
  • Improve cognition. The cannabinoids in cannabis tea can stimulate cognitive activity. THC has been linked directly to improved focus and memory in several studies. These research results can prove to be promising, particularly in helping patients with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Improve sleep. Cannabis tea can act as a sedative, depending on the strain used to make it. This benefit is especially good for those suffering from insomnia and disrupted sleep. Drinking marijuana tea before bedtime can result in a restful and uninterrupted sleep.
  • Improve digestive health. Cannabis tea can be effective in soothing the stomach, preventing nausea and vomiting and relieving gut inflammation. People with irritable bowel syndrome or any form of chronic stomach issue can benefit from this drink.
  • Reduce alcohol relapses. The marijuana compound cannabidiol is found to possess unique treatment potential in reducing drug and alcohol relapses. Also, it has been found to help curb cocaine cravings.

Side Effects of Cannabis Tea

The side effects of drinking cannabis tea are similar to smoking weed in its more traditional form. These effects can include nausea, headache, dizziness, hunger, confusion, fatigue and paranoia. However, these effects can be very rare and usually occur when someone consumes too much and is not aware of how THC affect the body.

When consuming cannabis, especially when it is your first time, be wary of the side effects of CBD. This cannabinoid can cause dizziness, nausea and dry mouth. Also remember that marijuana can have serious drug interactions when taken along with blood thinning medications. Make sure to check with your doctors first if you have any chronic or serious condition.


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