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Top Strains of BC Bud

Beautiful British Columbia is the cannabis greenbelt of Canada. The Left Coast Province has a worldwide reputation for providing the gold standard of cannabis. Quality bud is synonymous with the region thanks to the climate, natural resources, and its long history.

For the past 20 years, medicinal marijuana has been legal in BC. However, an even earlier history helped herald in the plant’s wide acceptance among the population. Tens of thousands of conscientious objectors to the Vietnam War fled to British Columbia, bringing seeds to the banana belt regions, which turned out to be perfect for growing. As time went on, BC bud became known for its sophistication, quality, and potency thanks to these weed veterans.

Despite the cultural prevalence and acceptance of marijuana in British Columbia, weed dispensaries are missing in certain parts of the province. This fact is attributed to the government allowing municipalities the choice to opt out of retail store development, which has created pockets of dispensary deserts.

Thankfully, cannabis purchases in BC are thriving due to the amount of online dispensaries providing quality products. You can order bud online in Canada from the comfort of your own home. So if you’re doing just that, these are our recommendations of the top homegrown BC strains.

Tom Ford Pink Kush (TFPK)

TFPK hails from the Pemberton Valley just north of Whistler. Popularity spread to Western Canada and eventually across the nation. This cannabis strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that is 80 percent indica and 20 percent sativa. The THC levels typically range between 20 and 25 percent. The CBD content is minimal, around one percent.

The flavor profile is sweet, sour, and woody. It is best described as having citrus and honey-like tastes. The aromas from the terpenes are much the same, with herbal undertones that are very earthy.

Like other types of kush strains, this one is great for resting and relaxing. The body buzz experienced from this strain can be intense and leave the user couch-locked more so than other indicas.

It’s well known that Tom Ford Pink Kush hits hard on the body, giving the user the ultimate relaxation, so it only makes sense that many medical marijuana users also flock to this strain. The pain-reduction properties of the strain serve people who deal with various aches and pains. It is also useful in treating stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

Black Tuna

This BC hybrid strain also has strong benefits for those who suffer from pain and chronic pain. One hit of Black Tuna and the user will quickly realize the significant body high, thanks to the high THC levels (around 15 percent on average). Quickly, you also realize this doesn’t smell or taste like tuna. Great! So what gives?

Black Tuna was originally sold in sealed tuna cans and named as a headnod to the Black Tuna, a gang of 1970s smugglers. This marketing technique made the strain memorable, along with its strong effects. Despite not having a fishy smell, it is very strong and spicy.

Lamb’s Bread (sativa) and Herojuana (indica hybrid) were bred together, giving Black Tuna it’s intoxicating characteristics. The flowers themselves are a vibrant sage-green coloration covered in purple trichomes.

It tastes spicy, herbal, skunky, and woody. If you ever get the opportunity to try it, you will agree that it has a uniqueness that is hard to forget. You can order the bud online in Canada, but it probably won’t come in tuna cans!

Blue God

Blue God is an indica hybrid that was bred by crossing God Bud and Blueberry. It is another strain that excels when taken at night to aid with the treatment of pain and sleep disorders. As expected, Blue God has a sweet berry smell and flavor. It’s downright tasty!

The leaves are deep purple and sprinkled with a frosty resin covered in trichomes. This top shelf strain is medium in size and beautiful in appearance. For a full body relaxation that will keep you glued to your couch, try this strain. The high THC levels (around 25 percent) will make you sleepy, euphoric, and relaxed beyond belief.

Death Bubba

This is another indica strain, which comes from Death Star and Bubba Kush. Death Bubba has an earthy and sweet taste that leaves the palate clean. The terpenes are plentiful and give off a skunky aroma. In appearance, the flowers have purple hues with lots of trichomes.

Medical cannabis users can consume this strain to relieve tension and pain. Users report varied effects, from sleepy to energetic. Most all believe this strain produces euphoric effects. With 25 percent THC content, the body high is fantastic with strong psychoactive effects.


It was starting to look pretty indica-dominant there, but rest assured if you are more into sativas and want to try BC’s best, there is still something for you. Nuken is a sativa-dominant hybrid that comes from breeding Kish with God Bud.

The benefit of this strain over some of the other ones previously mentioned is that you can consume it during the day. You feel like you have the ability to still socialise and enjoy activities that are not limited to sitting on the couch. This strain provides the user with stable and consistent effects that are both cerebral and physical.

The smell and taste is sweet and earthy like fresh herbs and grass. The round flowers are densely packed with trichomes and a sage colored resin. This beautiful bud is the strain to keep in mind if you prefer daytime cannabis use. You can order this BC bud online in Canada here.

Order BC Bud Online in Canada

Without a doubt, BC has some of the finest strains of cannabis in the world. Whether you decide to buy from a British Columbia weed dispensary or somewhere else in Canada, you’ll be sure to find BC bud among the selection.

The province has produced, and will most likely continue to produce, some of the best strains due to the high expectations and demand for quality. Keep an eye out for new strains coming to market. Whether you like indicas, sativas, or hybrids, there is something for everyone in BC. Order bud online in Canada and see for yourself.



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