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Is Sativa or Indica Better for Edibles?

Cannabis strains come in various shapes and sizes, giving you endless possibilities of flavor profiles and strain qualities to add to an edible. Whether you are looking for the right pre-made edible or you prefer making them by hand, knowing more about the strain you are using allows for top-tier customization. By consuming marijuana according to the choice between sativa and indica edibles, you can upgrade your favorite snack with a personal and delightful high. Read on to learn whether sativa or indica is the better choice for making edibles.

Differentiating Sativa and Indica Edibles

When marijuana is grown, every batch of nugs is unique because of the variation in flavor profiles, THC percentage and terpenes found in the flower. Sativa and indica are the names used to distinguish the many cannabis variations by their generally different effects. This makes it easier to categorize the growing number of strains being grown and harvested today. While sativa has an uplifting effect, indica is usually more calming.

Indica Edibles

Consuming indica edibles is pretty much like booking a one-way ticket to Chilltown. Edibles that are infused with indica-dominant marijuana give a more relaxing and full-body high. One hour after you consume a true indica strain, you will start to feel a sense of euphoria and heaviness that can effectively glue you to your couch. Many people reach for indica edibles during a night home with video games or movies. But indica is not only used during nighttime; it can also be consumed to improve midday naps, slow outdoor strolls and spending a rainy day indoors. Some of the most famous indica strains include Skywalker, OG Kush and Gorilla Glue.

Sativa Edibles

Sativa edibles is bolder and more energizing than indica, producing a more cerebral high. If consumed in small doses, they can help uplift your mood and improve your focus. One the other hand, eating a larger dose of these edibles can create a euphoric, dizzying and giggly effect. They are great for jazzing up a friends get together, adding creativity to games and crafts, or simply whenever you feel like you need a good laugh. You just have to be cautious because consuming too much of this potent edible can cause anxiety and paranoia, especially among beginners. Some of the most popular sativa strains are Strawberry Cough, Lemon Jack and Trainwreck.

Hybrid Edibles

If you are making homemade edibles with oil or flower, mixing both sativa and indica into your recipe creates a blend of many effects. But if one strain is more potent than the other, it will usually be more overpowering in the edible. If you are buying weed or edibles in advance, strains are usually not solely indica or sativa but their profiles are already a hybrid of the two categories. Made to combine the best qualities of both strains, hybrids usually fall somewhere the middle. This gives both a body-focused and head-focused high. If you like both sativa and indica strains, hybrids are definitely worth trying.

Dosing Guide for Edibles

Before consuming your edibles, remember that the high from eating or drinking cannabis-infused products takes longer to take effect compared to when you vape or smoke marijuana flower and concentrates. For beginners, it is recommended that you take a 5 to 10-milligram dose and wait for an hour before consuming more. Seasoned stoners can start with 25 to 30 milligrams before eating more.

Pre-packed edibles offer a way to accurately dose, but making your own edibles from scratch offer a fun way to infuse your favorite recipes with cannabis. You should find lots of recipes online that you can easily follow even when this is your first time making edibles. Just make sure that you buy your cannabis goods from reputable marijuana dispensaries to get the best cannabis experience.

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