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Is Live Resin Stronger than Dabs?

Marijuana dispensaries are always on the lookout for new forms that are completely different from the previous ones. Here, we will look into the characteristics of live resin and its differences compared to other concentrates like budder, shatter, and wax. After reading through this short guide, you find yourself having an easier time finding the right marijuana concentrate that will work for you.


Cannabis concentrates are divided into two categories: wax and shatter. The former is murky with sticky concentrates while the latter is clear with a texture that easily snaps. But aside from their appearance, their actual composition is also very different. Producing shatter requires stringent extraction and purifying procedures to get a pure and translucent composition. Conversely, creating wax involves frequent swirling, whipping, and blending to get its flexible texture.


Live resin is a kind of cannabis concentrate that has a unique production process. It is produced by using a flash-freezing method, freezing the cannabis plant immediately after harvesting it to preserve all plant compounds. Live resin is able to keep its distinct flavor characteristics for every strain because of the preservation of phytochemicals such as flavonoids and terpenes. But how does it stack up against other marijuana concentrates? Read on and find out.

Live Resin vs Shatter

Although live resin can be produced in every consistency, it is rare to see its shattered form of it. Weed shatter is a kind of concentrate that is known for its translucent and delicate look. Contrary to live resin, shatter has a low terpene level because of its purifying and filtering procedures to achieve its flawless structure. Shatter is a good option for those looking for an energizing high, while the live resin is good for those looking for therapeutic effects like pain relief or relaxation. Generally, live resin is stronger than shatter, and its terpenes and cannabinoids are more effective in reducing pain and improving sleep quality.

Live Resin vs Wax

The cannabis concentrate wax has a texture similar to brown sugar. It looks the same as live resin in terms of appearance; it is mostly dark yellow and is more solid compared to other concentrates. However, the live resin has more liquid than wax with a good balance of sugar crystals and oils. The wax’s terpene profile is higher compared to shatter. Also, it is quite tasty, but not as aromatic as live resin. Consuming wax uplifts the mood and allows you to be more creative and think clearly. It can also give you a case of munchies.

Live Resin vs Budder

Budder has a look similar to whipped butter in terms of texture and color. This is the fluffiest kind of cannabis concentrate and is well-liked because it is easy to smoke. It is much more flexible than shatter so beginner dabbers can get the right amount of scoop on their dab tool. Both budder and live resin contain a higher terpene compared to the other concentrates. In fact, budder comes second after resin as the most fragrant and tasty concentrate in the market today. These two are teeming with flavor and are easy to manage while dabbing.

So have you figured out the best cannabis concentrate that will work for your needs? Whether you opt for live resin or any of the others listed above, make sure that you do the necessary prep work before consuming them, especially if this is your first time doing so.

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