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How to Read Labels of Marijuana to Understand its Quality and Constituents?

How to Read Labels of Marijuana to Understand its Quality and Constituents?

When it comes to buying marijuana, there are two types of purchasers: those who thoroughly read through the packaging to learn everything about the product, and those who quickly glance at the THC content and strain name. Both approaches are common in dispensaries. If you want to develop some basic knowledge about marijuana product labels so that you could buy correct quality of weed online , learn to read a label. Product labels may vary widely, but there are a few common items that tend to see on dispensary label packaging.


Product name and strain.

This element is quite straightforward. If you love a particular cannabis product, you can easily just ask for it by name on your next purchase.



This indicates the concentration or mass of the marijuana. Such information can be helpful in determining the best dose for you. The assistance of a cannabis consultant can help you figure out how much you should buy.



This is the company that grow and processes the marijuana product. With this information, you can discover other products made by the same cultivator. It will also help you recognize your favorite weed even when it changes its packaging.


Cannabinoid Content.

Cannabinoids are compounds found in cannabis that interact with the endocannabinoid system of the body to cause different effects. depending on the product, the strength of the cannabinoid is mostly displayed in percentage (for extracts and flowers) or milligrams (for edibles and tinctures). THC will make you feel high and help reduce pain and improve sleep. THCa is the raw and inactive version of THC that offer some of the THC benefits minus the high. CBD and CBDa do not cause psychoactive effects, but help with various ailments like inflammation, anxiety and more.



These are organic compounds that give plants their smell and flavor, including marijuana. Terpenes is the best thing to focus on what works for you since they are the ingredient that most correlates with effect. There are some cultivators that list the terpenes in their packaging. Otherwise, a weed consultant can help.



These important dates include the harvest date, test date, packaging date and use by date, and are usually stamped on the packaging. The takeaway to these dates is that the product will last a while. However, do not forget about it because weed is most effective when consumed within one year of production.


Batch number.

Batch numbers aid weed dispensaries to keep track of which marijuana products are made at the same time. Similar to food and medicine, this information helps ensure quality and aid you to keep track of the products.


Testing laboratory.

This indicates the name of the independent, licensed testing laboratory that checked the product for harmful materials and confirmed its active ingredients. With this listed in the label, you can be more confident that the product you are buying is of good quality and is safe.



There are some products, like tinctures and edibles, that contain ingredients other than marijuana in them. This can include flavoring, carrier oils and sugar. If you have sensitivities or allergies, make sure to look into this.


Knowing all these things is not really needed when you buy marijuana. You can always ask a weed specialist or the knowledgeable staff in reputable online weed dispensaries for tips and suggestions on what to buy. However, such information can help you be a more informed customer. They can also come in handy if you are keeping a weed journal to track effects and dosage.






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