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How To Identify Weed That's Gone Bad?

How To Identify Weed That’s Gone Bad?

Since most consumers buy weed in Canada, this issue rarely arises. When kept in a cool, dry environment, properly cured cannabis can last for up to a year. Weed starts to lose its flavour and potency around that time, and it may even develop mould that is dangerous if smoked.

That won’t feel nice, even if that particular batch is harmless. This article discusses the signs that marijuana has gone bad and offers advice on how to keep it fresh in the future. Let’s read on………

When Marijuana Goes Bad and What to Do?

Let’s use the senses to their full potential.

  • How to Pass the Test of Sight?

Looking at the best weed online closely is the simplest technique to ensure freshness. When first harvested, cannabis has a lush, emerald green hue with purple highlights and delicate hairs that gradually turn orange or amber.

If the shades seem dull, it may be due to the haze caused by the trichomes. If the green has faded or turned a dirty brown or yellow, the weed is no longer fresh. It’s best to ignore it.

  • Sensations of Taste and Aroma

The best weed online gets its aroma and flavour from terpenes and flavonoids, which form during curing. Even with the most prolonged treatment, marijuana will eventually succumb to the passage of time.

To a large extent, the lack of aroma in cannabis also indicates a lack of flavour. It will be unpleasant to smoke, and the terpene degradation could alter the entourage effect to reduce the high.

  • Sensing for Wetness

The best weed online is fluffy, not dry. Because of the moisture loss, cannabis’s texture becomes more scratchy and abrasive as it ages. Old cannabis has a brittle feel, and the buds crumble off the stem, unlike fresh bud, which may be gently taken off the branch.

Appropriate Cannabis Storage Procedures

Long-term, proper cannabis storage is the key to avoiding most issues discussed here. While a thorough curing procedure is essential for ensuring your cannabis has a long shelf life, the container and location in which it is kept also play a role. Most quickly degrading are cannabinoids and terpenes when exposed to light, especially ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun, and heat coming in a close second. If you decide to buy weed in Canada, keeping it in a cool, dark place away from heat sources like the stove and the computer is important.

Two other elements to think about are air and moisture. To preserve cannabis flowers for an extended period, a vacuum sealer is ideal, although any jar with a rubber closure would suffice in a pinch. Even if your marijuana only gets a tiny bit of air exposure every time you reach for it, it will go bad quickly if the air is constantly escaping around your buds.


Although theoretically speaking, the best weed online does not expire, its quality and freshness can decline, and its shelf life can end. Inspecting the marijuana closely and possibly smelling it is the easiest way to determine if it has gone bad.

Without being too dire, mould poses the greatest threat. Moldy weed is harmless but has a terrible aftertaste and may cause you to cough. Look for discoloured areas or cottony growth on the surface to see if mould has set in. Inhale it out if you’re still on the fence.

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