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How to Grow Cannabis Plants: Indoors or Outdoors

You may be able to order bud online in Canada these days, but there’s an ever-increasing number of cannabis lovers who want to put their green fingers to use and grow their own.

Cannabis is a remarkable plant that grows in a wide range of environments. Once native to the ditches of central Asia, the plant has now conquered the globe. It thrives in locations as diverse as the humid mountainous terrain of Central America to indoor basements across North America and everywhere in between.

As flexible as it is hardy, there are many ways to cultivate cannabis, and here we weigh up the pros and cons of indoor and outdoor growing.


Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Growing cannabis outdoors can be hugely rewarding, but not every area is suitable for outdoor cultivation. The site you choose should have a convenient water source located nearby and should also have abundant exposure to direct sunlight for several hours either side of midday. The local climate should also be warm in the growing season, and there should be no risk of unexpected cold snaps as they can quickly damage or even kill an entire crop.


The Advantages of Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Outdoor cannabis grows are much easier to manage than indoor grows. They require less tending, and plants generally do well when their basic necessities are met. The costs of growing outdoors are substantially less than those associated with indoor grows. Thanks to the free and unlimited energy source that is the sun, outdoor growers negate the need for artificial lighting, something that helps considerably reduce costs.

When plants grow outdoors in their natural habitats, they grow as nature intended. A steady breeze will help strengthen the plants and provide ventilation that helps protect in part against pests and mould. Provided outdoor plants are placed in a big enough pot, they’ll grow considerably larger than indoor plants. And while the buds may not have the same potency as those grown under ideal indoor conditions, the larger yield will often make up for a decrease in potency.


The Disadvantages of Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Outdoor grows are more susceptible to thieves or wandering animals in search of a snack. Depending on your location, this means that you may have to be watchful for several months at a time.

Outdoor growers are also at the mercy of the elements. When unexpected storms or heavy rains roll in, you’ll need to be on-site to help mitigate any possible long-term damage. Some people are lucky enough to live in places with the ideal climate. And as a result, their plants generally thrive under balmy heat in a light breeze, but this is not the case for everyone. The less favourable your conditions are, the more demanding outdoor growing becomes.


Growing Cannabis Indoors

Cannabis is easier to grow indoors than outdoors. With complete control over the environment, there are fewer variables beyond the direct control of growers, and it’s this that allows indoor growers to produce reliably consistent harvests.


The Advantages of Growing Cannabis Indoors

Indoor cannabis offers several advantages over outdoor growing. Firstly, the ideal and finely-tuned indoor conditions mean that grow times are shorter. Indoor growing doesn’t depend on your local climate either, and by tailoring the indoor conditions and maintaining optimal temperature and humidity, growers can consistently produce high-quality buds.

Such tight control of the climatic conditions also allows for multiple crops per year, meaning indoor growers can grow all-year-round, even in the depths of winter. This provides additional freedom to growers, whereby they grow on their schedule rather than that of mother nature.

Indoor grows are also discreet and hidden away from public view, meaning that indoor growers don’t contend with the same concerns around thieves or attracting public attention.

Indoor growers also have an easier time dealing with pests. With a sealed indoor environment, there’s less chance of an infestation. And while it won’t protect you entirely should a particular pest begin to get a hold, it does limit the potential for pest problems when the indoor environment is kept clean.


The Disadvantages of Growing Cannabis Indoors

The main disadvantage of indoor grows is the associated costs. Indoor growing requires a more substantial upfront investment. Between lights, stands, filtering, and temperature and humidity control, the costs can quickly escalate. Aside from nutrients, the cost of electricity is also an important consideration. With high-powered lights, fans and climatic equipment running for long hours, the costs can quickly add up.


Deciding Whether to Grow Indoors or Outdoors

The simplicity of outdoor growing and the control associated with indoor growing mean that both appeal to different types of growers for different reasons.

When growing outdoors in season, you’ll require little more than a seed and some soil. Remember though; you are at the mercy of the climate and other factors beyond your direct control such as pests and mould spores that blow in on the wind. Before beginning, do your homework and ensure your outdoor environment is suitable for outdoor growing. Does it get too hot, too cold, too humid, too windy, or too wet during the growing season? If the conditions are less than ideal, you may have to take measures to help compensate for less than ideal climatic conditions and evaluate the associated costs.

If running costs aren’t an issue, then the precision of indoor growing grants growers full control over the process to all but guarantee results in most cases. Mould and mildew are rare occurrences and usually come about due to grower error, and pests can only ever proliferate when brought in from outside. In addition, indoor growers can also graduate to advanced indoor grow setups like hydroponics for increased growing efficiencies once they obtain more expertise.

Whether you choose to grow outdoors or indoors depends on a variety of factors, the most important of which are your local climate and your budget.


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