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How to Cook Edibles Infused with THC Distillates?

How to Cook Edibles Infused with THC Distillates?

Making easy and cheap cannabis-infused edibles do not require much know-how or time, especially if you live near a dispensary. Distillate is a purified form of activated THC is a very popular product in cannabis shops. Aside from its conventional usage, it can be mixed into practically any food or drink.

Edibles that are made with full-spectrum concentrates or plant-extracted cooking oils usually give longer and more rounded effects compared to distillates. However, the purified THC extracts works great in a pinch, and is seen as more multi-dimensional among people who like to eat their cannabis.

To help you get started on your brainstorming process on how you can make the most of your distillate, below are a few convenient ways to cook edibles infused with THC distillates. Take note that distillate is packaged in jars for dabbing, but you can also find those that are sold in syringes which are much easier for digestion.


THC Distillates in Hot Drinks

If you like to start your day on a high note, but do not like smoking or eating sugar-laden edibles, consider drinking it. Distillate is already activated, so you can easily add it to your drinks without the need for an infusion process. However, because distillate is sticky and thick, they are better used in hot drinks than cold ones. Drop a dab of distillate on the bottom of your mug or coffee, add in bone broth or hot chocolate, and you are good to go.


THC Distillates on Your Tongue

If you just want a dose of your favorite distillate and just get it over with, this process does not need any more explanation. Just make sure that you are not dropping a dose that is too strong on your tongue. It also helps to have a mint on hand.


THC Distillates in Honey and Syrups

Infused maple syrup is good for your morning pancakes, infused simple syrup for cocktails, and infused honey for all other things. It is a little more complicated than putting a drop on your tongue, but making does not require so much effort. Plus, the resulting syrup can be added in so many recipes and drinks. You will have to get an emulsifier to make sure that the cannabis do not separate once the mixture cools, so add sunflower lecithin in the same amount of distillate used. Heat the syrup and mix in the lecithin and distillate, stirring until properly mixed. Store it someplace dark and cool and use it within six months. You can buy high quality THC distillates online for this recipe at number of cannabis dispensaries in Canada.


THC Distillates in Hard Candy and Gummies

Making distillate-infused hard candy and gummies is a step up in difficulty from syrups because they require a few more ingredients and equipment. However, this should come easier with repetition. You can find several recipes for gummies and hard candy online, just make sure that add your lecithin and distillate in equal amounts so the sugar and cannabinoids do not separate during storage.


THC Distillates in Mac and Cheese

Mixing THC distillate with mac and cheese is a great way to hide the distillate’s sometimes grassy flavor in a buttery dish. Although the fat of butter is not needed for infusion, it will make the THC more potent during digestion. After mixing in your cheese and dairy, add the distillate at low heat to ensure the even distribution of THC.


Cooking with THC edibles is not as hard as you think. You just have to learn the basics and make the few easy modifications depending on the recipe you are looking to make. Use any of the suggestions above and you are on your way to enjoying a more flavorful THC distillate experience.


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