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Can You Give Edibles to Your Dog or Cat?

If you love cannabis products, you might be wondering whether your furry companion can enjoy them, too. 

The benefits of edibles are widely known, as many buy edibles online in Canada to manage pain and anxiety and to address sleeping problems. They are an excellent consumption method to regulate your cannabinoid intake over a given period for a safe and effective dose. 

But do edibles offer the same benefits for our pets? More importantly, are they safe for them to consume? With the right knowledge, finding the best edibles for pets is a walk in the (dog) park.

Are Edibles Safe for My Pets?


Many edibles that are available on the cannabis market are unsafe for your furry friends. Edibles with a THC content pose a significant risk to pets and jeopardize their health if ingested. This is especially true if they contain ingredients like chocolate and have a high sugar content.

Humans and animals do not react the same way to cannabis products. What might help you feel relaxed and euphoric could potentially risk the life of your pet. While the effects of THC can vary depending on the level of concentration and amount consumed, the bottom line is that this cannabinoid could cause your four-legged friend to fall into a coma—or worse.

It’s important to consider that what appears to be a small edible dose for human consumption could be a high quantity for your pet. The effects of marijuana will be more intense and long-lasting in animals, as they have more cannabinoid receptors in their brain than their human parents. 

In some cases with pets, it could take days for the symptoms of an accidentally consumed edible to subside.

Best Edibles For Pets


While THC edibles and those containing ingredients like sugar and chocolate are harmful to animals, some products could be beneficial to your animal companion. Many pet parents turn to animal-friendly CBD edibles for their pets who might need some relief.

Given the relatively recent legalization of cannabis, the scientific data on CBD for animals is lacking. While we wait for the science to catch up, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that suggests that certain CBD products can be highly effective for our pets.

If you want to help your pet manage issues like chronic pain or anxiety, picking out the right CBD edible can be challenging to say the least.

That’s why the easiest way to incorporate the benefits of CBD in your pet’s routine is to add a few drops of high-quality CBD oil to a tasty treat they already know and love.

Buy Edibles Online in Canada

Thankfully, buying edibles and CBD oil is hassle-free with online dispensaries. You can easily research products and access an abundance of information before taking the plunge and making your purchase. This way, you’ll know that you and your furry friend will be getting the best quality product from a reputable source.

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