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Can medical cannabis help with panic attacks?

Over the decades, several characteristics have been ascribed to cannabis. Most of them are accurate, others are not, and a few are logically incoherent. As a result of our radical trend toward accepting actual scientific facts, many nations have decriminalized or outright legalized cannabis usage. Although it is currently legal to purchase it, one should still be aware of what one’s getting and whether it will possibly help with issues like panic attacks or heightened anxiety.

Panic Attacks: What Are They?

A panic attack comes if you unexpectedly experience severe anxiety without any apparent reason or significant threat inducing a physical response. A panic attack is sometimes incredibly terrifying. When these occur, you can have symptoms similar to cardiac arrest, loss of control, or perhaps even death. Your everyday life could be affected by panic disorders, forcing you to skip work and stay away from situations you think can set off an attack. You might seek medical care frequently since you overreact to every symptom. Such interference is significantly greater when you also have agoraphobia, a phobia of situations that might make you feel embarrassed or anxious.

How Can Cannabis Be Used as a Cure for Panic Attacks?

Many promoters of marijuana claim that it helps to reduce stress. Other studies, meanwhile, contend that cannabis and psychosis are related. Cannabis may cause increased anxiety or even panic episodes at a high dosage. Nevertheless, it can significantly lessen distress and anxiety when used in small amounts. One of marijuana’s active components, CBD, which is most common in indica varieties, is helpful in reducing tension and anxiety. Thus, medicinal marijuana — especially when utilizing strains rich in CBD and low in THC — could be a substantially safe and more effective option than the more conventional pharmaceuticals doctors usually recommend for panic disorder if used as directed by a doctor.

Difference Between CBD and THC

THC, the psychotropic ingredient in marijuana, is really what gives consumers a “high” but has also been linked to the majority of marijuana’s side effects, including heightened anxiety, psychosis, or short-term loss of memory.

But on the other side, CBD is just about the absolute reverse. This has no psychotropic characteristics at all, though researchers theorize that it might have some therapeutic use. It’s meant to be soothing and calming. If you buy cannabis low in THC and rich in CBD, it will not get you high.


That was a brief overview of all the details you require to obtain and use cannabis to fend off panic attacks. One thing to keep in mind is that the dosage would be different for everyone. So, it is always advisable to consult with a doctor, start with minimal doses, and then work your way up. Besides that, you shouldn’t experience any issues at all, provided you get your cannabis from a reputable seller like Top BC Cannabis. It is Canada’s most reliable online marijuana store. They provide the most extensive range of cannabis products, like edibles, concentrates, CBD, flowers, and a lot more. The best part is that they discreetly and securely deliver the products to your house.

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