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Can CBD Oil Help Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is an uncomfortable, inflammatory disease that affects over one million people across Canada. While commonly considered a skin condition, individuals suffering from psoriasis may experience an array of symptoms ranging from flaking patches, to painful rashes, to stiff and swollen joints. 

Despite years of dedicated research, there is still no definite known cause or cure for psoriasis. And for the 125 million people around the world living with such an agonizing disease, that is far from good news. While there are lotions and medications that provide both temporary and long-term relief from symptoms, these products don’t work for everyone. For some, a complementary or alternative therapy is necessary.

Enter CBD oil, the natural, cannabis-derived product recognized worldwide for its therapeutic properties. Providing relief from both physical and mental symptoms, with little-to-no psychoactive effects, it is evident why CBD oil’s reputation as a prime psoriasis treatment only continues to grow. 

What is Psoriasis?


Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease with no cure. While many things are known to trigger a psoriasis flare-up, the exact origin of the disease is still in question. Most commonly characterized by raised red lesions, scaly patches, and flaking skin, there are actually a number of types of psoriasis that produce visibly different rashes. For example, Plaque Psoriasis, the most common form, is most often found on the scalp, knees, elbows, abdomen, while Pustular Psoriasis is more common on the soles and palms.

Yet psoriasis is both a visible and an invisible disease, causing more damage than sores and rashes. While it is known for causing dry, scaly patches, further symptoms can include severe itching and skin pain, abnormal nail growth, and stiff and swollen joints. The latter, a symptom of Psoriatic arthritis, can become especially serious if not treated.

There is no definite cause for psoriasis, but it is theorized to affect the immune system, triggering white blood cells, subsequently causing inflammation and an excessively rapid regrowth of keratinocytes, the primary cells found in the epidermis. This is what produces the raised lesions and causes the skin to flake at an abnormally fast rate. 

Despite a lack of solid answers, scientists continue to study the disease, shedding new light on potential causes. Researchers found that in those suffering from psoriasis, at least one in three have a genetic predisposition to the disease. Further research revealed how both immune triggers and environmental influences can contribute to psoriasis. As expected, external factors such as cold, dry weather contribute largely to flare-ups. 

The presence of an infection can also increase the chance of a flare-up, as it lowers the immune system. Injuries that damage the skin, such as cuts, scrapes, or burns, can also trigger an immune reaction, increasing the potential for psoriasis to flare. 

Excessive drinking and smoking, and even exposure to secondhand smoke have been listed as contributing factors. Certain medications have the potential to trigger the condition. And of course stress, one of the biggest triggers of disease in human society. It comes as no shock that an increased level of stress would trigger an immune response

How Can CBD Oil Help?

With so many possible triggers and no comprehensive solution, it can feel near hopeless for those afflicted by psoriasis. But like with many incurable conditions, there are options for managing flare-ups and associated symptoms.

One of the most intriguing treatments? CBD oil, a plant-derived chemical that offers a plethora of therapeutic properties. Studies have proven the effectiveness of CBD in aiding a number of physical ailments related to psoriasis, most notably reducing inflammation and pain

The endocannabinoid system, a natural cannabinoid system found in the human body, moderates functions of the immune system. When phytocannabinoids like cannabis-derived CBD interact with the endocannabinoid system, they elicit similar effects in the body. The introduction of ingested CBD oil can help to regulate inflammation and send a signal to certain receptors to release painkilling chemicals.

Science has shown that CBD can also affect some non-cannabinoid receptors. Of particular interest are receptors that help reduce inflammation caused by nerve growth factors, as well as those that hinder epidermal hyperplasia, the proliferation of skin growth caused by an excess production of keratinocytes. 

Not only does this benefit those with psoriasis, but this research offers scientists a more in-depth look at the methods through which CBD interacts with the human body.

Topical CBD oil offers another well-tolerated treatment option, as it is both moisturizing and rejuvenating on the surface-level of the epidermis, providing relief for flaking skin without encouraging excessive skin cell growth. While it cannot prevent the disease, the ability for CBD oil to accelerate wound healing provides promise for those suffering scales.

Depending on the specifics of one’s condition and the present form of psoriasis, different CBD therapies may work better for one individual over another. With both topical and consumable products available, there are many options to choose from when you buy CBD oil online.


The Mental and Emotional Repercussions of Psoriasis

As psoriasis is a condition that affects the body so conspicuously, there may be a misconception that it is strictly a physical disease, but it can damage so much more than just the physical body. 

The mental anguish that comes with such a painful chronic disease, coupled with insecurities related to its visible impact can make psoriasis feel all-encompassing. The accompanying dryness, itching, and pain can be incapacitating, especially if not adequately managed. 

Psoriasis can prove to be traumatizing for some, affecting one’s quality of life. The pain alone can incite an inability to concentrate, insomnia, and even agoraphobia. In some severe cases, there are those so afflicted by their symptoms that they fear leaving home due to the risks associated with environmental factors. The stress brought on by the fear of a flare-up can induce extreme anxiety, especially in those predisposed to anxiety disorders. Those with psoriasis may also suffer from depression, as it can interrupt daily life, preventing normal activities like taking a walk or going to work. 

Depression, anxiety, and agoraphobia can increase in relation to the visible damage caused by psoriasis, for fear that the general public might judge associated symptoms like scales and rashes. In this way, the condition is extremely isolating.

Once again, it’s CBD oil to the rescue! Use of this invaluable little chemical has been growing in frequency in both the general and mental health care sectors. Known for its anxiolytic and mood-boosting properties, CBD can be used to fight depression and lessen anxiety. While it cannot cure any mental health issue alone, it is an excellent complementary therapy. 

CBD Means There are Options

If you suffer from psoriasis, know that you can buy CBD oil online. While not a miracle cure, but for those suffering from the condition, it definitely comes close. Concurrently relieving both physical and mental symptoms, its value is undeniable. 

Though more research is required, both in regards to CBD and psoriasis itself, the relevant therapeutic and medical benefits provided by CBD oil are evident. Accessible and efficient, it is no wonder so many people consider CBD oil as a top option for the treatment of psoriasis.


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