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Can CBD be Used as a Bodybuilding Supplement?

The growing popularity of cannabidiol or CBD is truly undeniable. This major non-psychoactive cannabis component is everywhere these days and in practically any form possible, from oils and capsules to topicals and vape liquids. You can even find them available in infused in pet treats!

There is so much buzz on the positive effects of CBD when it comes to bodybuilding. If you are trying to get in shape and build lean muscles, supplementing can help boost your physical productivity and add more mass to your core. And although there are lots of options like protein shakes and testosterone, there is another one you might know of.

We have a good amount of evidence supporting the benefits of CBD for bodybuilding. From better weight management and faster muscle recovery to improved sleep and sharpened focus, there is so much that we can get from this amazing plant. Listed below are some of the benefits of using CBD as a bodybuilding supplement.

CBD for Bodybuilding: Weight Management

A study found that CBD blocks a receptor in the brain so that the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin cannot take effect. Increased leptin levels are associated with decreased cravings for unhealthy sugar-rich food, allowing people to achieve their weight goals faster compared to those who did not take CBD.

CBD for Bodybuilding: Muscle Growth

According to research, the anti-catabolic properties of CBD can allow proper regulation of hormone levels in the body. CBD also helps maintain the right levels of cortisol to allow for more effective protein synthesis and muscle growth. All these properties can slow muscle mass breakdown, helping athletes build more lean muscle. In addition, CBD can help boost muscle growth by improving stamina. If you can spend more time bodybuilding without tiring the muscles, you can get faster results from all your hard work.

CBD for Bodybuilding: Post-Workout Recovery

Weight lifting can cause micro damage to muscle fibers, causing them to inflame. This leads to pain response as the body tries to repair it. One of its most common symptoms include stiffness and soreness. According to research, CBD can reduce pain, swelling and soreness by reducing inflammation. Plus, it can help dampen pain following a heavy workout. Finally, CBD can reduce muscle spasticity caused by neuropathic damage, which is usually the cause for muscles to twitch as a result of pain.

CBD for Bodybuilding: Improved Sleep

Even when you have the perfect workout routine, supplementation plan and diet, none of these will ever compensate for lack of quality rest. Sleep is important for everyone, especially to those living a more active lifestyle. It affects all the body processes, including the release of stress and growth hormones to the immune response, breathing, appetite, attention levels and blood pressure. Studies have shown that 160 milligrams of CBD can be just as affects as a sleep aid than nitrazepam, increasing the duration of sleep. According to experts, high doses of CBD can help with sleep disorders like insomnia.

CBD for Bodybuilding: Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Generally, workouts are recommended for those who want to reduce stress. Exercising carries psychological benefits that can help support physical health. Although stress is important for survival, these days, it can become an everyday companion. Chronic stress can negatively affect health, causing the body to release high amounts of adrenaline and cortisol that can cause anxiety, irritability, low self-esteem and concentration issues. CBD has strong antidepressant and anxiety properties.

Indeed, there is a clear link between CBD and bodybuilding. As more sports organizations lift their ban on CBD, we can only expect hemp-derived products to become more accessible in more countries and states. You can get your hands on CBD in pharmacies, supplement shops, health stores and online.

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